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  2. Red and yellow, spring or shallots - onions deserve our appreciation for the variety they add to our meals
4 Star Onion Ingredients, From Shallots to the Red and the Yellow

Red and yellow, spring or shallots - onions deserve our appreciation for the variety they add to our meals

Onions add flavour to any type of dish: want to enhance an American favourite like hotdogs or burgers? Fried onions give that extra bite. Need to add a little tang and texture to your salad? Slice some red onion and throw it into the mix. Starter or main, simple or spicy, the addition of some onion can make all the difference. We could go on, of course, but why not test our theory for yourself? To help you out, we've drawn up a guide to the best onions and how they soup up your average meal.

1. Shallots

One of our favourite types of onion when we want to add an extra something to a dish is shallots. Closely related to the bog-standard bulb onion, these are milder and sweeter than most varieties and can add a really intense flavour to even the plainest ingredients. They taste especially exquisite when eaten alongside marinated chicken or duck breast, as is proven by the amazing Peking Duck Pizza from Crust. The sweet flavour of the shallots complements the hoisin marinade like nothing else, so treat yourself and get lost in this tangy classic.

2. Yellow or bulb onions

Plain and unassuming in appearance, the yellow or bulb onion is the workhorse of the allium family, providing flavour and flair to an untold number of dishes each and every day. Tangy, tasty, and terrifically versatile, it can be used in all sorts of ways, from livening up plain and unassuming soups to adding a little spice to a salad. We like it best, however, when it's mixed with lots of different foods and flavours as it can enhance and improve them all. Case in point? The fantastic Tzimmy Classic Pork Pita from Zeus Street Greek.

3. Red onions

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Sweet enough and mild enough to be eaten either raw or cooked, red onions are colourful culinary magicians that can transform a dish from dull as anything to utterly, irrefutably delicious. Highly recommended for use in salads, sandwiches and more, they make a meal not only more palatable but more aesthetically pleasing. We especially enjoy them when they're combined with plainer meats such as turkey, as with the Wild Turkey Toasted Sandwich from Zuppa. In this lunch-time filler, the onion brings out the sweetness of the cranberry sauce and, together, they cut through the delicate and meaty flavour of the turkey for a well-rounded, unforgettable dining experience. 

4. Spring onions

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Last but not least, it's only right to add green or spring onions to this list. Immature veggies that haven't formed a proper bulb yet, these are eaten in their entirety and can make wonderful garnishes for soups, omelettes, tacos and much, much more. They add a wholesome colour and crunch to dishes, as well as a truly recognisable flavour and they taste great when served up alongside fresh seafood. The Soy and Sesame Seared Tuna is an example of this, available to order from Fresh N Wild Fish.

Adding crunch, colour and a delicious culinary twist to a multitude of marvellous recipes, onions really are the perfect meal enhancers. Prove us right by ordering one of these four delicious dishes today. 

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