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Here are four of the best fruit desserts you’ll ever taste

Four fantastically fruity desserts to try this summer

We fully understand that sometimes the craving for sugary sweet goodness is just too much to resist, but here's a little secret for you: giving into it doesn't have to be quite as naughty as you imagine. Yes, chocolate will always hit the spot, but if you take a little time to think outside the box, there are also plenty of fantastically fruity desserts out there too. Fresh, flavoursome and actually pretty good for you, they'll sate your sweet tooth without ruining that gorgeous smile. But which fruits create the best flavours? Here are four of our favourites.

1. Strawberry  

Strawberries are sweet, succulent and scrumptious, so they naturally earned a place on this list. Exquisitely enhanced by a drizzle of chocolate, our top dessert-based take on them comes from Max Brenner, where they serve up the Strawberry Dip: freshly-picked strawberries complete with pure melted good stuff (that's sweet molten chocolate, if you hadn't already guessed!) to dip, dab or absolutely soak them in. Full of flavour, light and delicious, this heavenly dish will help to cool you down on even the hottest of days, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the post-dinner world.

2. Kiwi

Kiwi has a real kick, which makes it ideal for refreshing your palette, and if you want to try it in dessert form we recommend the Fruit Salad from Sushibay. The perfect post-meal snack, it tastes absolutely divine when tried hot on the heels of a fresh fish dish like Yaki Udon Seafood. Combining orange, strawberry and kiwi, it's sweet, it's succulent and it's scrumptiously tasty - with the added boon of being filled to the brim with highly beneficial vitamins and minerals. This is the ultimate treat for your body and your belly.

3. Raspberry

Tart and tangy, raspberry can be a great alternative to more traditional dessert flavours like chocolate or lemon. Our favourite take on it comes from N2 Extreme Gelato. Refreshing, really rather yummy and surprisingly low in calories, their Raspberry Coconut Sorbet with Cocoa Nibs has all of the bite of its berry base mingled with the sweet, distinctly invigorating flavour of coconut. The most terrific treat to help you cool down on a boiling hot summer's day, it will have you eating an entire 800ml tub in a single sitting – yes, that's how good it is! Thanks N2 Extreme Gelato!   

4. Apple

We also enjoy some crisp and crunchy apple for an after-tea treat, but trying Naughty Nana's Apple Tea Cake from Cakes & Sh!t is an apply taste sensation beyond anything you've ever tried. Made from a sweet Granny Smith variety and combined with a traditional tea cake recipe, it will make you feel like you've closed your eyes and found yourself in dessert heaven, and it does have the advantage of being a lot less naughty than some of its more chocolatey alternatives too. 

Ready to treat your tummy with some of the most fantastically fruity desserts around? Then what are you waiting for? Just place your order, sit back and relax – Deliveroo'll have it with you in no time!

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