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A porridge paradise? 4 great porridge spots in Sydney

Pining for porridge? Here’s our favourite bowls in Sydney

Porridge. The word has a somewhat sloppy and unsavoury ring to it. And no, it's thinner and waterier counterpart, gruel, doesn't sound too mouth-watering either. Yet, it's been around for so long and nourished the human population for centuries... Has porridge has been given a bad rep for no good reason? What's more comforting than pulling a blanket over your cold legs in the morning, as the rain taps at the window and cup your hands around a warm bowl of yummy porridge?

In recent years, many top-class breakfast eateries in Sydney have taken it upon themselves to change the way we look at porridge and jazz it up a little - adding colour, depth of flavour and nutrition. Porridge has gone from a staple to a breakfast treat. We've selected four of our top tips for getting your porridge fix in Sydney. Wake up happy!

1. Health Nuts Organic - Tahini Porridge

There's nothing nutty about the healthy food served at Health Nuts Organic – especially the way they do things over there. What better way to start your morning than by digging into their Tahini Porridge, which is simply a bowl of well-balanced goodness. The sweetness from the banana and maple syrup is matched by hints of bitterness from the unusual addition of tahini. Its nutty flavour intensified by the toasted seeds. This sounds like the start of a new morning routine.

2. Nosh Café & Restaurant - Oats Porridge

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If it's true that too many cooks spoil the broth and the same can be said for ingredients in dishes. Sometimes the more simple and pure wins over the complicated and trying-to-be-clever. A breakfast at Nosh Café & Restaurant is delving into those few ingredients we love, and their porridge is no exception. Velvety oats, sliced banana, walnuts and a drizzle of honey are best enjoyed in the pale morning light, in silent meditational preparation for the day ahead. Namaste.

3. Ungaro Raw - Porridge

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Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when porridge can be part of that equation – who could disagree? Ungaro Raw takes on the responsibility of feeding our souls with morning goodness and they do it well. With these guys, you will only be served organic and nutritional stuff that'll keep you going. Their brightly coloured porridge has wholesome quinoa and golden flax seed, as well as some seasonal fruit and yoghurt to satisfy the sweet tooth.

4. Naya Café - Quinoa Porridge

There are few things more disappointing than a flavourless porridge. Luckily, Naya Café bring innovation and rich taste to a food that is all too often wrongly associated with pale school-canteen sludge. Their Quinoa Porridge has lovely notes of sweetness brought through by almond milk and honey, while the tricolour quinoa adds a delicately nutty touch, along with the crisp coconut flakes. Goodbye boring!

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