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  2. Get Your Tastebuds Excited with a Bite of Australia’s Gourmet Hot Dogs
4 Gourmet Hot Dog Delights In Australia

Get Your Tastebuds Excited with a Bite of Australia’s Gourmet Hot Dogs

No one knows for sure who invented the hot dog we popularly love today, but the Germans are credited with inventing the original easy-to-eat sausage or frankenfurter. It was supposedly named after the sausage dog or dachshund, but later simply became the 'little dog' sausage. The Austrians also assert their right to claim the hot dog as their own, and celebrated the 500th anniversary of this sausage in Vienna in 1987.

These days it's not hard to find various mouth-watering and inspired gourmet hot dogs anywhere in the world, from New York  and to India. But fear not if you're in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth because we've put together the most gloriously satisfying doggies that are likely to have you panting and pawing for more.

1. Tijuana, Chicago and Melbourne Vegan Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a gloriously guilty indulgence, but if you're not quite in the mood for food sin, try these delightfully delicious healthy vegan hot dogs from Lord of the Fries. You might opt for a veg sausage on a bun with sour cream, jalapenos, cheese, onion and spicy tomato sauce. Maybe celery salt, crunchy pickle, relish, peppers and mustard is your game. Or, keep it simple with cheese and onion plus their partners in crime mustard and ketchup. You might never have known you wanted these meat-free versions, but once you've tried them you won't be able to live without!

2. Traditional Bavarian Hot Dog

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This Bayerischer, authentic German-style hot dog offered by Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant is great if you've worked up an appetite and intend to down your pork sausage feast-on-a-roll with sauerkraut, German mustard and ketchup. Order a side of fries or loaded fries to get the full fantastic German beer hall experience. Chances are you'll still want more of that awesome flavour long after the doggie has landed in your stomach… go on! No one's judging if you place an order for seconds.

3. Spanish Chorizo

This legendary dog house The Hot Dog Man is definitely not just much ado about nothing! If you're the musical type, you might go for the all singing, all dancing Frank Sinatra and its wood-smoked frankfurter. But our tip-top gastronome pick is the top-selling Spanish chorizo. Green leaves, manchego cheese, confit garlic aioli: can a gourmet hot dog get any more gourmet? If you find your stomach is still gnawing for more, then add a side of the American chips with chilli con carne, cheddar cheese and jalapenos. Seal the deal with a nice juice and finally calm the hunger beast.

4. Bollywood Dream

The thought of curry in a hot dog might at one time have seemed preposterous. Fortunately, we live in an era where fusion is the norm. Appease your curry-loving soul with Feast Cafe's Bollywood Dream Gourmet Hot Dog. The classic bun and hot dog is exalted with a delicious curry sauce instead of the usual and perhaps mundane ketchup and mustard. This simply is the best way to fire up the party engines and don't forget reward yourself with a nice Long Mac.

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