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4 tasty, tangy mac and cheese meals to order in Brisbane

Top twists on marvellous Mac ‘n Cheese – Try these today

It's said that macaroni and cheese was originally an English dish, but there's no doubt that America made it the iconic classic it is today. The cheesy, gooey goodness is up there with the world's best comfort foods and can be enjoyed as a main or a sublime side. There are so many quirky, innovative and delicious takes on mac 'n cheese now, Australians can't get enough of it. From taking it as a side dish to enjoying it smothered over tater tots as a main – there's no limit to mac 'n cheese's versatility. Here we take you through some of the best and quirkiest options to order in Brisbane today. Go on, you know you want to.

1. Mac N Cheese Squares 

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If you want some seriously hearty American dishes, Red Hook has some fantastically filling offerings on their menu. For the perfect partner to your juicy burger or humongous hot dog, go for the Mac N Cheese Squares. This impressive creation sees mac and cheese shaped into squares and smothered in breadcrumbs. Sound good already? Guess what happens next - they're deep fried. The sumptuous side could even be taken as a meal in itself - it's that good. You may want to share this one with a few friends so you can all experience the joy together.

2. Mac N Cheese Bombs

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When mac and cheese first became popular, it was oven baked. But the adaptable dish has since been cooked in many different ways. One of these is deep fried and some would say it's a game changer. At Noho NYC Bar and Grill they serve up Mac N Cheese bombs – mac and cheese rolled into balls and then deep fried until golden, crispy and delicious. Pick up these delightful snacks with your hands and dip them in the creamy chipotle mayo. Just when you didn't think mac and cheese could get any better, this is next level indulgence.  

3. Mac N Cheese Fries

French fries have long been the ultimate side dish, but there is always room for improvement. Smothering fries in various toppings is one way to enhance them. At the American Diner Co. customers can enjoy fries and mac and cheese separately... but why do that when you can combine the two? That's why we're recommending the Mac N Cheese Fries. Crispy fries covered in tangy, creamy goodness – what could be better?

4. Jala-Macca-Peno Poppers

If you've heard of jalapeño poppers, you know how epic they are and have probably asked yourself, "How can it get any better?" Stuffed with mac and cheese, that's how. Big Roddys Rippin Rib Shack doesn't mess about when it comes to creating the ultimate feast food and the Jala-Macca-Peno Poppers are up there with their best inventions. They take huge jalapeños and stuff them with the delicious pasta and cheese sauce. These are going to knock your socks off!

The great thing about mac and cheese is it goes with every meal. So, no matter what you order from Deliveroo tonight, make sure you pair it with one of these delightful dishes.

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