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Sydney’s Top 4 Dishes Starring Avocado

Take A Peek At How Sydney’s Avocado Clan Keep Nourished With This Delicious Fruit

Avocados, the buttery-smooth antioxidant-rich fruit that can complement any dish. Could this be the reason why we love this magical piece of green glory? But wait, there's more. This green gem is delicious, it's creamy, it's refreshing and it sits perfectly atop nearly any breakfast or lunch dish. It's synonymous with the legendary Mexican sauce, guacamole, its smashing with tomatoes on toast, it's even great if you just grab a spoon and eat it on its own! And we all know how important healthy skin and hair is – well, the avocado is also known for being rich in vitamin E, which helps with exactly that. So let us bring the avo to you: there are a number of restaurants in Sydney that offer exquisitely prepared meals. If you're ready to explore this source of nourishment, check out the neat list we've prepared just for you.

1. Naked Burrito

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Thr1ve is a health-conscious outlet that bases its menu on nutritional science. Their healthy meals transform how you look, feel and perform. So if you are looking for a mental boost and some shine to your hair then they have just the thing for you. Their Naked Burrito features slowly cooked pulled beef on a bed of red quinoa and brown rice, served with avocado, tomato salsa, jalapeno, black beans and coriander. It's not just healthy, it's tongue-tantalisingly tasty too!

2. Green Eggs

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We all know it can sometimes feel like a mission to get in all the vegetable requirements we need for optimal health. So having a veggie option makes all the difference. Whoever said that you have to eat like a rabbit? Frothy makes sure that their vegetarian option packs a powerful punch to stave off hunger and satisfy your cravings. Their aptly named Green Eggs sandwich is on sourdough bread and comes with poached eggs, rocket, avo smash and pesto dressing. Ideal as either a power breakfast or quick lunch.

3. Salmon Poke Bowl

Sticky Fingers provide people with the type of grub that keeps hunger at bay. Their salmon and avocado come as a much-needed refreshment after a long day or as a nice light fuel on your lunch break. The Salmon Poke Bowl boasts salmon gravlax, avocado, cabbage, carrot, spring onion, brown rice and sesame dressing. All these flavours combined create the ultimate delicacy. You won't be feeling sluggish after this and it works well as a nice bowl for healthy and clean eating.

4. Bành Mì Tofu & Avocado Combo

Sticking with veggie options, we bring you a real treat from Banh You Vietnamese eatery. Their Tofu and Avocado Combo is truly going to transform how you perceive the versatile tofu. It's simple and made extra special with the use of their homemade paté. In addition to the main stars, this Vietnamese baguette cuddles mayo, soy sauce, pickled carrot, cucumber, coriander and, for a metabolism boost, you can add fresh chilli.

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