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  2. 4 Tempting Treats and Desserts to Try from Around Australia
4 Tempting Treats and Desserts to Try from Around Australia

4 Tempting Treats and Desserts to Try from Around Australia

As the Australian summer gets underway, the importance of desserts cannot be understated. Whether you fancy some ice-cold gelato or even just want to skip cooking and go straight the last course, there are plenty of desserts to choose from all around the country. Here we've found four of the best dishes to choose from, each from a different area of Australia.

1. Crunchus Maximus - Gelato Messina

Over at Gelato Messina in Sydney, their only aim is to make people happy. Their special range is particularly popular, and for good reason, with 1.5-litre tubs packed full of everything you could ever want from caramel ice cream to whipped cream and pie crust. The Crunchus Maximus is perhaps the most extraordinary, with peanut butter, caramelised white chocolate gelato and peanut crunch. However, if you're not feeling like having ice cream there are also cakes on offer including hazelnut zucutto, tronchetto and even bombe Alaska.

Where: Gelato Messina, Sydney

2. Tiramisu - Thirty Eight Chairs

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When it comes to homemade Southern Italian dishes, few restaurants do it better than Thirty Eight Chairs in Melbourne. Not only do they offer various pasta dishes, many of which are accompanied by authentic salumeria, but they also have a dessert menu perfect for anyone with a lavish sweet tooth. Alongside a Cake of the Day, homemade Italian biscuits and apple doughnuts, there's a delicious tiramisu which is served in a glass bowl and garnished with mint. Though we can't be sure whether tiramisu originated in Tuscany or Venice, we know exactly where we'd be heading for our favourite coffee-soaked dessert.

Where: Thirty Eight Chairs, Melbourne

3. Moo Burgers - Cowch

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For Gold Coast natives looking for something a little different for dessert, there's Cowch – a dessert restaurants that offers endless varieties of desserts. There are churros, pancakes, waffles, frozen yogurts, ice cream, dessert pizzas and there's even an entire Nutella menu. For the adventurous dessert-eater though, there are 'moo burgers' – two toasted brioche buns with ice cream, chocolate and any topping you would like. There's also a dish called 'udder puffs' which feature Yorkshire puddings instead of brioche buns. It may sound absolutely bonkers but the happy customers who have tried these dishes can't be wrong.

Where: Cowch, Gold Coast

4. Malteser Cheesecake - Truly Scrumptious Desserts

At Truly Scrumptious Desserts in Brisbane there are all sorts of dishes to choose from, but it seems as though their cheesecake selection is worth trying. French vanilla, lemon curd, Nutella and salted caramel are just some of the cheesecake slices on offer, but it's the Malteser cheesecake that is getting that best reaction. After all, where have you ever seen a Malteser cheesecake before? Each slice is served with vanilla ice cream and cream, though we're sure if you ask for a change – you might want chocolate ice cream just to take it to another level - the staff will be happy to help.

Where: Truly Scrumptious Desserts, Brisbane

To find even more desserts and tempting treats around Australia, visit Deliveroo and check out where your nearest dessert restaurant with delivery is.

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