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  2. Find your favourite fried rice from across the world’s cuisines
Feed up on fried rice from around the world

Find your favourite fried rice from across the world’s cuisines

Fried rice is a dish that means so much to so many different cuisines and countries. It's a fantastic and easy meal for those times when you've got loads of leftovers and need to cook up a satisfying and hearty meal. 

But if you want the real deal, full of authentic flavouring relevant to your cuisine of choice, then there's no substitute for ordering fried rice from one of your favourite restaurants. From Chinese to Japanese and Thai, we've rounded up some fried rice dishes here so you try them all and decide which cuisine produces the best!

1. Chinese fried rice

For most Aussies, the fried rice dish that's most familiar is likely to be Chinese fried rice, because it's been available in every city for decades. But no two Chinese fried rice dishes are the same. For instance, you might like it relatively simple, like the Mahjong Room's Beggars Fried Rice, a mix of rice, shredded chicken and Chinese sausage, served on the dry side with fluffy grains of rice. But maybe you'd prefer a wetter version like Fried Rice Fookien Style from Happy's Chinese, where a thick sauce is poured over and mixed through the rice before it's served with egg.

2. Taiwanese fried rice

It's pretty close to Chinese fried rice in its preparation, but if you're a fan of fried rice, the Taiwanese version has its own charm. At the Taiwanese Kitchen, choices include Hawaiian Style Seafood Fried Rice and Beef Brisket Served With Rice. A delicious pair of dishes, there really is something for everyone when it comes to Taiwanese rice dishes. Seafood, meat, or veg - choose your accompaniment and tuck in!

3. Thai khao phad

Thai cooking has lots of different fried rice dishes, but they have their own national flavour, mainly because the basic rice used is jasmine. Also khao phad is often served with prik nam pla (chilli, garlic and fish sauce) and sliced cucumber. Many ingredients can be added - meat, fish, egg, veggies, etc. For an authentic khao phad, try Thai Style Fried Rice with Pork from Ghin Kopi.

4. Korean bibimbap

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In Korean cuisine, the tradition for fried rice is to stir-fry bap - cooked rice - with oil and other ingredients. Depending on what's the most prominent ingredient on top of the rice the name will be slightly different - for example, kimchi fried rice is kimchi-bokkeum bap. The general Korean term for fried rice is "bibimbap", meaning "mixed rice". At Jingogae Korean, the Bi Bim Bab is a combination of rice, fresh seasoned veggies and marinated beef mince, with a fried egg on top. 

5. Japanese teppanyaki rice

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In Japanese cooking, fried rice again takes many forms, with two of the most common being chāhan and omurice. Chāhan is a derivation of Chinese fried rice, but has katusobushi added for a distinctly Japanese flavour, while omurice is fried rice that's served inside an egg omelette. But one of our favourite ways to enjoy Japanese-style rice is the Teppanyaki Chicken Fried Rice served up at Arigatou Japanese Teppanyaki. Here, instead of being cooked in a wok, the special fried rice and its component ingredients of diced chicken, chopped veggies and eggs are prepared on an iron griddle.

Choosing a favourite type of fried rice is no easy task. But whichever one you have a hankering for, you'll be able to order it with Deliveroo.

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