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  2. Take a taste tour of the globe with these four fried egg dishes
4 of the Best Fried Egg Dishes from Around the World

Take a taste tour of the globe with these four fried egg dishes

If we're talking about truly gluttonous delights, is there anything quite as satisfying as cutting into a gorgeous, gooey fried egg? We think you'd be hard-pressed to argue against that, which is probably why it features in the delicious dishes of menus the whole world over. Given how lip-licking good it is, it's no surprise so many cultures have put their own unique twist on it. From Spain to China, frittata to egg fried rice, let's track its trajectory around the world and see who does it best.

Stop #1 - China for some egg fried rice

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If there is one dish that's synonymous with classic Chinese cuisine, it undoubtedly has to be egg fried rice. An indispensable side and the base for a boundless number of exquisite meals, it has an instantly recognisable flavour, a rich and refined taste, and a smell that makes your mouth water. Going perfectly with pretty much every meat in existence, it tastes especially lovely alongside seafood, as demonstrated by this King Prawn and Vegetable Egg Fried Rice from Bamboo Basket in Brisbane.   

Stop #2 - Japan for some tamagoyaki

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The next stop on our culinary tour is Japan, where you can pick up a heavenly take on tamagoyaki in every restaurant around. A type of Japanese omelette, tamagoyaki is made by rolling several layers of cooked egg together and can take one of several different forms. The most widely known is probably nigiri, served in sushi restaurants the whole world over. The Salmon Mentai from Sushi Tei is our particular favourite if you'd like to try it for yourself.     

Stop #3 - England for a fried egg butty

In England, the fried egg is arguably something of a speciality. It's a go-to comfort food the morning after the night before and is served up in every greasy spoon cafe worth its salt. Celebrated as an almost unbeatable indulgence whenever healthy eating goes out of the window, it's frequently found encased in a buttered bread roll as part of a breakfast bonanza par excellence. Case in point? The unashamedly naughty Bacon and Egg roll from Chicken Confidential. Eat it and enjoy!   

Stop #4 - Italy for a frittata

Our fourth and final pick was a hard one to decide. There was everything from American eggs benedict and French croque monsieurs left to choose from, but we think we settled on a good egg (get it?). An Italian staple, frittata is a truly trademark dish. Made from fried and beaten eggs, mixed with meats, cheeses, and pretty much anything else delicious, it smells and looks just as great as it tastes. Although it's found its way onto the brunch menus of even the most highbrow restaurants, we have to say that the best version of it comes from Tarts Café - order up their Platter of a Mix of Empanadas, Arancini and Frittata for a complete and utter dream.

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