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  2. Take a tour of India's best regional cuisines without leaving the sofa
From Korma to Dosa, Experience India’s Best Regional Dining at Home

Take a tour of India's best regional cuisines without leaving the sofa

Each region in India has its speciality dishes, but there are many you can find cooked to perfection across the whole country and, indeed, throughout the world today. Whether you want your korma cooked with a Goan twist or you'd rather a traditional Tandoori from the Punjab region in the north, we're lucky to be able to find great versions of all our favourite Indian dishes across Australia. Indian food is one of the most popular takeaway foods in this country and we've selected some of the best examples of Indian dishes from restaurants all over Aus. Next time you're wondering what kind of Indian to order, consider these.

Western korma

Korma is a dish that so many regions claim as their own, but each is adapted to regional tastes. In the west, Goan cooking means that the korma often has added cardamon along with sultanas and almonds - just like the ones at Goa Indian Fusion. Try their Vegetable Korma which has korma-coated seasonal vegetables, or the Khazana e Lazzat, a kofta of potatoes, spinach, cottage cheese and toasted nuts that are simmered in a korma sauce.

Northern Tandoori

Tandoori foods have been cooked for centuries in the Northerly Punjab region of India. It's made by marinating meat in yoghurt and spices such as cayenne and chilli powder. The dish is then cooked in a tandoor, the cylindrical clay oven from which this cooking style takes its name. Typically, the use of charcoal or wood in the cooking process lends a smoky flavour to the dish. While tandoori dishes can be eaten on their own, they are sometimes used as the basis for other dishes, such as the creamy Butter Chicken at the Tandoori Place. Other tandoori dishes on their menu include Tandoori Chicken Wings, Tandoori Octopus and Tandoori Prawns.

Southern dosas

A dosa is a steamed rice and lentil cake and it's a staple part of the southern Indian diet. Dosas come in different forms, from the crispy doughnut versions called vada, through to onion dosas, which are more like crispy crepes. Alternatively, try the soft, thick and sponge-like pancakes that you'll get in the Palak Paneer Set Dosa at the Dosa Cafe. These are served with cottage cheese, spinach curry, chutney and samba. The Set offers a taste of the best in southern Indian cooking and makes a great choice for lunch or dinner.

Eastern fish curry

In the east of India, Bengali food often includes meat or fish and many different seasonal vegetables. A lot of spices that aren't found in other regional cuisines are used in Bengal cooking, including nigella (black onion seeds), wild celery seeds and a five-spice mix of cumin, fenugreek, kalonji, fennel and black mustard seeds. The Bengal Fish Curry at Taj Bengal Indian Restaurant is a fine example of the flavour such a wealth of spices lends a dish. The fish is cooked with the five mentioned above, as well as onions, tomatoes and coriander. Rice is a typical side dish to order with your curry, but why have plain rice when you could try something a little different, like their Lemon Rice?

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