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  2. From coconut to pilaf, these dishes prove once and for all that rice is nice
Make Rice the Spice of your Life With Pilaf, Coconut and More

From coconut to pilaf, these dishes prove once and for all that rice is nice

Rice is a staple dish familiar to most around the world. However, when it's dull, it's really dull. Instead of offering bland and boring rice dishes, many restaurants across Australia are getting to grips with creativity instead. So rather than relegating the likes of pilaf and coconut rice to the sidelines, include them in the main event. Rice makes the perfect accompaniment to Indian, Thai and other Asian curries, because it's ideal for soaking up the sauce. So if you're having curry cravings, here are some ideas to help you think twice about ordering the more boring kinds of rice!

1. Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is one of our favourite dishes. It goes equally well on the side of a nice Thai Red Curry as it does simply on its own. The coconut gives it that little something extra to set it apart from plain boiled rice. At Warung Coconut Rice in Melbourne, they're so into the stuff that they put it into their name - and it goes down especially nicely in their Indonesian dishes. Nasi Uduk Rendang Sapi presents coconut rice stewed to absolute perfection until it's as super tender as the meat with which it is served - which in this case is beef. Both rice and beef work in tandem to create the ideal meal. 

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2. Pilaf Rice

Pilaf rice in itself has so much flavour. In fact you will often find that it's been prepared in a fragrant broth, giving it a super interesting wealth of flavour. But some places take it that one step further and we're loving it. Veggie Boy in Melbourne certainly got their thinking hats on with their pilaf dish. Vegetarians - this one's for you. While the majority of rice is vegetarian by default, sometimes the additions can make it more difficult for you. At Veggie Boy you'll experience nothing of the sort, because their pilaf is served solely with tomatoes, tofu and chilli. It's simplicity at its best.

3. Chicken Rice

If you like your meat and your rice equally, then you're going to love the concept of chicken rice. Is it a main? Is it a side? Who really knows? The choice is yours. At May's Hainanese Chicken Rice in Sydney, you'll have more than enough on your plate. Their Hainanese Chicken Rice is heavily influenced by the Singaporean dish of tender poached chicken and aromatic rice. The whole affair is left to stew in a chicken broth which makes it extra tasty and delicious. 

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4. Fried Rice

Anyone familiar with Chinese cuisine will most likely be familiar with fried rice. It's typically got egg and other yummy ingredients thrown into the mix and then fried. Brisbane's Bamboo Basket demonstrates the art of getting fried rice right, as the many dishes on their menu feature the grain. We love the Diced BBQ Pork With Prawns & Egg Fried Rice, simply because it has so much going on. Fans of seafood, pork and fried rice will have all their favourite things in one. Oh, and even better - it's gluten-free!

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