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  2. From sticky ribs to boss burgers – check out the best BBQ takeaway joints in Sydney
The Best BBQ Takeaway Joints in Sydney

From sticky ribs to boss burgers – check out the best BBQ takeaway joints in Sydney

When you've got an appetite the size of the Great Barrier Reef, a chow-down on some melt-in-the-mouth meat is the perfect way to curb those cravings. Fortunately, Sydney is home to some of the best American food joints in the country, specialising in barbecued meats of all shapes and sizes, from monster racks of ribs to tower-sized burgers.

If you're a fan of food that befits the stars and stripes of the United States, make sure you take the time to discover our top five BBQ takeaway outlets that deliver straight to your home across Sydney.

1. Juicy Lucy, Surry Hills

Undoubtedly one of the best places in the entire city of Sydney for rotisserie chicken and fried chicken, Juicy Lucy brings together freshly cooked barbecued poultry and combines it with some seriously tasty sides. We've crowned Aunt Lucy's Seasoned Chicken our favourite - it's a whole chicken stuffed with garlic rice and brined with aromatic spices for up to 12 hours. It's a dish that's well worth the wait, as is the Thai Gai Yang version, complete with coriander and south-east Asian influenced spices.

2. Ribs and Burgers – The Star, Pyrmont

Ribs and Burgers at The Star is one of the best burger joints in town with carefully sourced local meats resulting in mouth-watering steaks, succulent ribs that fall off the bone and heaven-sent beef burgers. The crowning glory of their special menu is their Sticky Soy St. Louis Ribs, marinated with a sweet and tangy honey soy sauce that's seriously addictive!

3. Grazeland Bar and Grill, Crowsnest

Offering fun American BBQ cuisine for all the family, Grazeland is one of the best restaurants for hearty appetites in the Crowsnest area of Northern Sydney. It's best known for its magnificent steaks, with a Victorian Eye Fillet wrapped in prosciutto offering a modern Australian twist on the BBQ. Don't forget the BBQ Beef Short Ribs which literally fall apart in your hands and are served with rustic fries and plenty of dipping sauces.

4. Batch Burger, Kirribilli

Bringing a touch of the States to the heart of Kirribilli, Batch Burger proudly serves a whopping range of immaculate burgers, hot dogs and pulled pork which has been cooked in time-honoured fashion for maximum flavour. If you're in a hurry, order in a sumptuous Steak Sandwich featuring juicy Aussie steak, fresh onions, cheese and rocket, topped with your choice of ketchup or BBQ sauce.

5. Burgerfuel, Newtown

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When it comes to burgers, these guys really do know their stuff. Burgerfuel don't just settle for quantity over quality; they have a huge range of gourmet burgers available for delivery too. From the challenging Bastard burger, which comes complete with crispy bacon, mashed avocado, cheese and grated beetroot, to the Cornflake Charger, a crispy fried cornflake chicken burger topped with aioli, salad and relish, it's clear these guys can be trusted with a hot grill!

Had your fill of American takeaways for a little while? Don't worry. Check out the full list of Deliveroo's participating restaurants, from Thai cuisine to fresh sushi!

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