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  2. Get your hands on some greasy goodness at Sydney’s tastiest burger bars!
Get Your Hands on Sydney’s Tastiest Burgers

Get your hands on some greasy goodness at Sydney’s tastiest burger bars!

Nothing tops off your day better than a divine, juicy burger with massive patties and all the best toppings. Why stand in line at your local greasy spoon for a sub-par imitation of the greats? Get to ordering and have a tasty, one-of-a-kind burger delivered right to your door. Or two. Or three.

Juicy, charred burgers leave most of us with our mouths watering as we contemplate seconds, so if you're craving a lip-smacking burger today, check out our list of the best Sydney has to offer!

1. Burger Head

Hailed as the best burger in west Sydney, Burger Head truly lives up to its name. After taking trips all over town to search for the ultimate burger, its owners have summed up all that experience into each patty they serve. Drool-worthy dishes here include crispy chunks of buttermilk tenders as well as their signature burgers, each named to match their best qualities. Pick from the Louis, the Americana, the Clucker or even the Mike Tyson burger, which packs quite the BBQ punch, or opt for bite-size versions and go for delicious sliders. With their special 16-spice mix, each burger is cooked to greasy perfection and is guaranteed to have you coming back for more.

2. Chur Burger


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If your stomach is rumbling for something grilled and oozing with meaty juices, Chur Burger should be first on your list. With delicious grilled beef topped with melted cheese, tomato jam, plus the traditional pickles, onions and mustard mayo toppings, this burger will leave you stuffed for hours to come.

Not in the mood for beef? Try the marinated chicken (yes, chicken burgers, we're absolutely serious). Come on, hot mayo sauce, minted slaw and chicken, what's not to love? If you're really adventurous, try out their spiced chickpea burger topped with exotic honey labne and grated beetroot. Even the most dedicated of meat lovers will start craving these alternatives!

3. Burger Project

Where do we even start with the Burger Project? Is it the high quality of their ingredients, or their constant strive to obtain the best, most ethically-sourced meats that make their burgers superior? Burger Project uses antibiotic-free and hormone-free pasture-fed beef that is salt-aged and minced to guarantee an exquisite patty every time. Each burger is topped with just the right ingredients, from organic veggies to their trademark BBQ sauce. They also provide group catering, each consisting of a box with orders of six to twelve burgers deliciously cooked to perfection for a fun night with friends!  If you're looking for a truly and satisfying dining experience with a well-cooked burger, the Burger Project is for you.

4. Mary's


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Loud music, beer and the meanest burger in Sydney - Mary's burger bar doesn't mess around! Mary's knows just how to deliver a real rough and tough burger, and their crudely-named yet oh-so-perfect burgers make them truly one of a kind. Thick, delicious and messy is the only way a burger should be eaten, after all. They are so dedicated to burgers that their only breakfast option is -  yup, you guessed it - a brekkie burger! Made with care, passion and a little rock and roll, everything from their meaty beef burgers to their chicken alternatives is a must-try in Sydney!

If you're looking to grab a dish or two (or five) from any of these outstanding burger bars, place your order on Deliveroo today!

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