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  2. Get in a Pickle with Melbourne’s Delicious Pickle Dishes
Get in a Pickle with Melbourne’s Delicious Pickle Dishes

Get in a Pickle with Melbourne’s Delicious Pickle Dishes

The humble pickle is a great addition to most foods out there. Who would have thought that jamming some food in a jar and soaking it in vinegar would make such a tasty treat? However, some genius out there did it and now here we are. Melbourne is known for its awesome food, so adding pickles to the mix is a recipe for total success. Let's explore some of the best dishes using pickles that you can find in Melbourne.

1. Melbourne Madness - Easey's

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If there is one food that the pickle goes perfectly with, it is the almighty burger. The Melbourne Madness served over at Easey's is a gut-buster of a burger that is packed with not one but two beef patties, double American cheddar, bacon, jalapenos, potato cake, dim sum, onions, pickles, and slathered with ketchup and mustards. This is no boring meal by any means so make sure you're hungry and chow down!

2. PFC - Pickle

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With the restaurant name being Pickle, you know that you're getting some great pickle dishes here. One of their most popular dishes is the PFC, which is a Southern fried chicken burger topped with tasty ranch dressing, cheese, coleslaw, and some perfectly fried pickles to add even more crunch. The flavours complement each other perfectly for a delicious meal you'll be coming back to.

3. Bread and Butter Pickles - Up in Smoke

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Up in Smoke is a meat lover's paradise, serving everything from perfectly smoked briskets to creative side dishes to make the perfect meal. A favourite feature is their extensive range of pickles though, a delicious accompaniment to any of their meaty dishes. In fact, they have an entire section of their menu dedicated to pickles, so let's talk about their Bread and Butter pickles. They are the perfect combination of tangy and sweet and the flavours they bring make your meaty meal taste so much better; you'll be wondering why you'd not tried them before.

4. Achari Chicken Tikka - Shiraaz

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If burgers aren't really your thing or you just prefer a delicious Indian meal, then be sure to check out the Achari Chicken Tikka served at Shiraaz. This curry marinates boneless chicken pieces in yoghurt and uses spices and a select mix of pickles that are perfectly cooked in a tandoor. This is a delicious meal to try and the pickles work perfectly to help make a dish that is absolutely bursting with flavour.

For too long the humble pickle has been left on the sidelines as an afterthought or side dish but no longer! These dishes have proven that pickles make the best addition to any meal and are a crucial ingredient to include to bring out the best flavours in a dish. Whether you're already a pickle-lover or just want to give it a chance, then be sure to check out these delicious dishes and you won't regret it.

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