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  2. For the love of lobster! The most luxurious seafood delicacies Sydney is serving on a platter
Lobsters Ahoy! 4 Amazing Lobster Dishes in Sydney

For the love of lobster! The most luxurious seafood delicacies Sydney is serving on a platter

Thought fragrant steamed or garlic-fried tails were the only ways to eat lobster? Time for a seafood update! These days, lobster preparations are wonderfully varied, with restaurants seeking to impress and keep up with demand for this delicacy. Not that anything as sublimely beautiful as this needs much preparation… but it's fun to mix things up a bit sometimes.

From a lobster platter to share with the fam to sushi bites , from curried crayfish preparations to sweet and sour dishes, you can eat this shelled delicacy just about any way you like. Whether you're looking for scintillating Asian take-out in Sydney or maybe an American-style lobster roll, we've got plenty for you to stick your claws into. Lobster is always best fresher than fresh, from ocean to plate, and these restaurants know how to expertly work with this premium ingredient.

1. Giant Family Seafood Platter With Lobster

Please the family and happily feast together on this hedonistic, heaven-on-a-plate offering from Blue Fish. Are divine natural oysters, freshly cooked Queensland tiger prawns, silky smoked salmon, Moreton Bay bugs, calamari, prawn cones, octopus and chips enough? No? Good, because there are also sauces and barbecued king prawns, plus the whole thing is terrifically topped with rock lobster Mornay, Atlantic salmon and Barramundi. This creamy dish is oven prepared and finished off with melted cheese. It's a platter that would be premium anywhere in the world so make sure to take advantage of it being right on your doorstep.

2. Lobster Salad Sushi

You've done Chinese takeaway already this week, but you still fancy a taste of the East. Fortunately you'll find one of the most extensive sushi sets you could think of down at Umi, from delicacies such as eel and shark fin to favourites like squid, kingfish, scampi and tuna. You can indulge in combinations you didn't know existed, but tonight is all about luxury so make sure you get the lobster salad filling into your rolls. Served in the classic boat-shaped gunkan, it's superbly flavoursome whether you keep it simple or add salmon into the mix. Either way, rest assured in the knowledge that this is sushi unlike any you've ever known.

3. New England Style Lobster Roll

Contemporary meets classic at Fish and Co with their Lobster Roll meal. This is ideal if you are just looking for a quick bite. It boasts the bold flavours of a New England-style lobster recipe, containing chunks of boiled lobster meat, fried celery and a generous helping of mayo. All this is sprinkled with salt and black pepper for that added taste boost and served in a hot steaming brioche roll. If you are afraid this might not be filling enough, then top up with their Potato Scallops starter and wash it down with a Katie Swift Sparkling Ginger Cordial.

4. Lobster Mornay

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Sometimes simple is best and this is what the popular Lobster Mornay from Lobster Tail Seafoods offers the classic palate. The serving includes ½ a Mornay lobster, a fresh and crunchy garden salad and a healthy portion of chips to squeeze your lemon wedge over. Simple, classical and a tasty way to indulge in the pleasure that only the intricate flavours of lobster meat can provide.

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