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Six Excellent Gluten-Free Dishes On The Gold Coast

Gluten-Free Hot Spots On The Gold Coast

Just because you have a restricted diet, it doesn't mean you're want to cook every meal yourself! However, it's not always easy to find gluten-free takeaway dishes but fear not! Check out our guide to the best gluten-free dishes and the places to find them on the Gold Coast. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for starters, mains or desserts, we've got the lot here!

1. Mandala Stir-Fry at Mandala & Co

At Mandala & Co, lots of the choices on the menu are gluten-free including Rice Paper Rolls on the starters sections and the Nachos and Raw Pad Thai on the mains menu.

Saying that, our gluten-free pick though is the Mandala Stir-fry being a mix of organic tofu, crispy veggies and ginger, with coriander, tamari, lemongrass and chilli, served on a bed of brown rice. Nutritious and delicious!

2. Grilled mains at Rivea Italian Dining

On the grills and wood fire section of the Rivea menu, four of the six dishes are available gluten-free. All grill dishes come with sauteed kipfler potatoes and a radicchio salad with gorgonzola dressing. Pick from the Scotch fillet, the Salmon, the Beer sirloin or the Porchetta - pork belly stuffed with Italian sausage and pesto.

3. Montezuma's Delight at Montezuma's

Montezuma's offers a wide selection of freshly prepared Mexican dishes and a number of them are gluten-free including the Frijole dip, the chilli con queso and the chilli con carne starters. Gluten-free mains include Enchiladas but our favourite is the signature dish - Montezuma's Delight. This is a crispy tostada that's packed with salad, cheese, frijoles, salsa, sour cream and black olives.

4. Gluten-free pizza at Vinnie's Italian restaurant

Love pizza, but have to stick to gluten-free options? Then Vinnie's has both meat lovers and vegetarians covered. Along with their range of traditional pizza choices, there's the Meat Lovers, which comes gluten-free, in a medium (12 inch) size. The base is topped with tomato, cheese, beef, bacon, pepperoni and ham. There's also the Vegetarian, a gluten-free pizza that is topped with tomato and cheese, capsicum, olives, mushrooms, olive and oregano.

5. Tiramisu at Valentino's Italian restaurant

At Valentino's there's a wide choice for people who have a gluten-free diet including antipasti, pizza, pasta and mains. Our pick though is the traditional Italian dessert tiramisu. Layers of coffee soaked ladyfingers, cream and cocoa, Valentino's is homemade food at its best – just as you'd expect from any self-respecting authentic Italian restaurant.

6. The Super Slice at The Pocket

The Super Slice is a power-packed dessert that's available at The Pocket, a restaurant that prides itself on providing its customers with healthy Mediterranean cooking. The Super Slice is made with acai, cacao, goji berries, butter, coconut, almond meal, sunflower seeds, eggs and pepitas. Perfect for a dessert or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up snack, this dessert is an ideal accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee.

If you're gluten-free and want to order food to be delivered, don't worry, Deliveroo can bring you a range of fantastic dishes direct to your door.

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