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4 Brilliant Banana Dishes To Try In Sydney

4 brilliant banana dishes to try in Sydney

Bananas are one of the tastiest and most versatile fruits available (not to mention they pack a nutritional punch too!). Whether you eat them on their own or add them to a dish or drink, they add both flavour and texture immensely. Not only do they make amazing sweet treats but they are a great addition to many savoury dishes too. So, let's look at some of the best banana dishes in Sydney to get your chops around.

1. Banana Curry - The Clove Indian Restaurant Fine Dining

Bananas might be thought of as a sweet snack, but they are also an awesome addition to your curry! This dish from The Clove is a great option for you vegans out there! Made with bananas and lentils which are cooked with a mix of light spices in a tasty sauce, the bold spicy flavours mix well with the smoothness and sweetness of the banana to make a creamy, tasty curry you won't be forgetting about in a hurry.

2. The World's Best Banana Bread - Orchard St

With a title of 'The World's Best Banana Bread', Orchard St sets the standards for banana bread pretty high! Treat yourself to a brekkie of the gods and order this vegan-friendly, gluten-free and sugar-free banana-y delight which is so wonderfully moist and gooey you'll be practically begging for the recipe once you're done. It is delicious served plain but for an extra 50 cents you can order it with tahini spread to make it even more tasty.

3. Banana Pizza - Max Brenner

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Bananas make a damn good dessert treat, from gelatos to muffins and everything in between, you can't really go wrong. However, the Banana Pizza served over at Max Brenner is really kicking it up a notch. You'd better make sure you're hungry for this one, as it is packed with so many tasty treats you'll be rolling back home! It is made with a pure melted milk chocolate base, caramelized pecans, marshmallows and a good serving of chopped bananas to top it all off. Each bite is pure heaven, so it is unlikely that you'll want to share.

4. Banana-Rama Smoothie - Eugene's

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When it comes to smoothies, bananas are deemed to be a staple. Sure, all smoothies are great, but banana-based smoothies have an added smoothness and creaminess reminiscent of a milkshake except way healthier. Eugene's is a place known for its great food, and their Banana-Rama is no exception. This smoothie is made with bananas blended with a number of superfood status foods such as sunflower seeds, linseeds, almonds, honey and yoghurt for a deliciously sweet yet nutritionally superior snack.

Bananas are the best, so be sure to try out the best dishes that can be made with the humble banana for a tasty and healthy treat you won't regret!

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