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Great Places To Get Greek food In Australia

5 great places to get Greek food in Australia

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Succulent grilled meats, refreshing salads, dips that are bursting with flavour, Greek cuisine is up there as one of the best. And the Aussie foodie scene gets that too, with loads of fab tavernas bringing the best of the Med to Australia. So, when takeaway night comes around and you're after something a bit different, order in Greek goodness.

1. Pelagos Greek Tavern

After a long day, sometimes you just need something to get stuck into, but it's hard to decide between the best grilled Greek dishes. So don't. Order from Pelagos and get the Meat Platter instead. Featuring firm menu favourites, your staple souvlaki is served up with chargrilled lamb cutlets, beef keftedes and more for an eclectic mix of the best – served with fries and salad on the side of course.

Where: Pelagos Greek Tavern, Melbourne

2. Kefi Greek Tavern & Souvlaki Bar

At Kefi, you'll find authentic grills in signature Greek style. Their souvlaki really is something to write home about – juicy chunks of chicken, pork, or lamb are grilled on sticks over charcoal to create that traditional dish that we all know and love.

Where: Kefi Greek Tavern & Souvlaki Bar, Sydney

3. 10 Greek Plates

It's not just all about the meat when it comes to Greek eats – this cuisine kills it with fresh salads too. At 10 Greek Plates, you'll find all the classics, but it's their signature Greek Salad that stands out. Find fresh tomato, crunchy cucumber, zingy red onion, punchy olives and creamy feta dressed with capsicum and olive oil for a taste of tradition.

Where: 10 Greek Plates, Melbourne

4. Platia Greek Taverna

One of the best parts of Greek food is the mezze. So when you want a bit of everything, Platia Greek Taverna is the place for you. We love the Dolmades to kick things off, where delicate vine leaves are stuffed with rice and served with classic mixed dips. If you're feeling a bit indecisive, opt for the Mezze Platter, a two-person wonder bursting with grilled halloumi, soutzoukakia, dolmades, tzatziki, tarama, olives and pita breads.

Where: Platia Greek Taverna, Sydney

5. Alpha Greek Street Food

Another Greek classic can be found at Alpha Greek Street Food – the guys here sure do know their way around gyros. Slow grilled souvlaki meats are stuffed inside a fluffy pita and wrapped up with fresh tomato, onion, lettuce and cooling tzatziki to make the perfect street food snack.

Where: Alpha Greek Street Food, Melbourne


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