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Great Places in Cronulla

5 great places you can order from in Cronulla

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These days Cronulla boasts an incredible selection of restaurants and eateries. In fact, there's so much to choose from – if you're anything like us – you can sometimes feel like a kid in a sweetshop, not knowing what to go for but wanting it all. Don't fret, here's a few places to check out first.

1. Sushi Train

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If you love those perfectly presented bundles of Japanese goodness, you're in for a treat with this place. There's everything from nigiri and avocado rolls to gyoza and calamaria here. For us, it's the sashimi every time. And if you can't decide between the salmon, tuna and kingfish choices, opt for the Mix Sashimi for a bit of everything.

Where: Sushi Train, Cronulla Street

2. Beach Burrito

The clue is in the name with this one – the guys here combine our chill beachside culture with great Mexican food. There's a whole range of burritos packing in inventive fillings here, with everything from battered prawns in toasted coconut, to roasted vegetables and tofu. We love the Californian Burrito for a smoky, chipotle chicken, chips, lettuce, tomato sauce and aioli taste sensation.

Where: Beach Burrito, Kingsway

3. Albi's Table

Italian eats are the grandfather of comfort food. Not that there's anything old about Albi though – the young, passionate chef behind this place. With a solid grounding in tradition and a passion for heritage, Albi whipping up some awesome dishes. We love the Gnocchi Lamb, where delicate homemade gnocchi is met with a slow-cooked lamb shoulder ragu.

Where: Albi's Table, Cronulla Street

4. Poke Bowl

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Poke Bowls are seriously trendy at the moment, and Cronulla is down with the kids. Fresh, healthy and super delicious, this Hawaiian superstar is going up in the world. Poke Bowl get that too, just look at their Forever Poke, where tofu, carrot, wakame and cucumber are met with a trio of hokie poke sauce, shaved coconut and toragashi chilli.

Where: Poke Bowl, Gerrale Street

5. Cold Rock

What foodie list would be complete without all things sweet? This ice creamery's spectacular ice cream cakes almost have to be seen to be believed. It's all about choice here though, so you can design your own creamy cake, with your choice of sweets, chocolates, fruit and nuts. And if you're just looking for a cold companion for movie night, there's a tub of your favourite ice cream flavour waiting for you.

Where: Cold Rock, Cronulla Street

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