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Great Veggie Curries

5 great veggie curries you need to try

It's time for the curry to make a comeback. In its heyday, the curry was shining bright as one of the original takeout superstars, but it's been overshadowed of late by hipster foodie trends, like artisan pizzas, gourmet burgers and anything featuring smashed avocado.

But we believe the curry is still a classic takeout treat – and you don't need to be a carnivore to get stuck in either. The curry is all about complexity of flavour – it's fragrant and aromatic, comforting yet exciting. With all of that, meat is irrelevant. Here are some of our favourite veggie curries out there…

1. Navrattan Korma, Beyond India

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Rather unfairly, the Indian-inspired korma usually gets reserved for chicken, but this rich and creamy sauce works just as well with good old-fashioned vegetables. The korma also has a bit of a rep of being a 'starter' curry, just because it's mild – but mild does not mean lacking in flavour.

Here, the classic cashew-based sauce coats firm seasonal vegetables, and is served up with a rice of your choosing – steamed basmati, zeera pilau or southern Indian lemon.

Where: Beyond India, Adelaide

2. Polos Pehee (Young Jackfruit Curry), Ceylon Dine in Style

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The jackfruit is so trendy that it's even been dubbed 'the pulled pork for vegetarians'. It might even beat kale in a fight. But if you're new to the jackfruit, it has little seed pods that taste something like midway between a pineapple and a pear.

This Sri Lankan inspired curry is a fragrant combination of green jackfruit, onions, green chillies, ginger, garlic and roasted curry spices to give it real depth of flavour. Slow-cooked with coconut milk, you can choose to order it mild, medium or hot.

Where: Ceylon Dine in Style, Brisbaine

3. Tofu Bedhai, Shimbu Tibetan

A list of veggie curries just wouldn't be complete without some traditional tofu. This Tofu Bedhai curry is an aromatic and healthy too – being not only vegetarian, but also gluten free. And not to mention that this restaurant is all about the superfoods, so you get eats that both pack a punch and are super good for you here. This delight is served up with mixed vegetables and creamy coconut milk. 

Where: Shimbu Tibetan, Melbourne

4. Vegetable Curry of the Week, Pavlov's Duck

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We know, we know – it's positively uncouth to be harping on about the merits of a veggie curry when the restaurant's name has 'Duck' in the title… but this place does a vegetarian curry that means business. Changing each week, their vegetable curry is sure to keep you on your toes. And the good stuff doesn't stop there, these awesome curries are served up in hoppers in true Sri-Lankan style.

Where: Pavlov's Duck, Melbourne

5. Laksa Soup, Soi Noodle Bar

Hailing from somewhere around Singapore, laksa is fresh, light, and bursting with colour and aromatic flavours. In Soi's version, you'll find rice noodles in a sweet coconut milk infused soup, and bundled in with tofu, bean sprouts, dried onions and sesame seeds.

Where: Soi Noodle Bar, Canberra                 


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