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  2. A match made in heaven - healthy matcha delights to snack on during the afternoon
The healthy snack - matcha will satisfy your cravings

A match made in heaven - healthy matcha delights to snack on during the afternoon

In a matter of years, matcha has gone from scarcely known in its humble beginnings in Japanese teahouses, to a world-wide phenomenon available in the trendiest coffee shops. Perhaps it's the vibrantly green colour that attracts people to the products - like moths to a flame. The growing popularity of matcha also means a whole new world of options for vegans and vegetarians, who can revel in the green goodness as much as their fellow carnivores. In fact, the versatility of matcha is probably one of its main pull-factors. Matcha is heaven for dessert-lovers, as it's found in everything from ice cream to brownies. Its many health benefits may also play a part in the global love affair – how long have we searched for a snack that is both tasty and good for you? For this reason, we've compiled some of the best and healthiest matcha options around to satisfy those afternoon cravings.

1. Japanese Cheesecake

If you think you know what a cheesecake is all about – think again. At Sydney's world-famous Uncle Tetsu you're served a Matcha Cheesecake that is worlds away from the cold and sickly-sweet classic. The warm, cake-like slice is soft and fluffy, made with quality ingredients only from Australia. Join the line of eagerly awaiting fans, who converted to this style of cheesecake soon after the very first bite.

2. Matcha Daifuku

The word daifuku literally means "great luck", which is what you'll find when you order a Matcha Daifuku at Wagyu One, Melbourne. These traditional sticky rice cakes are just the ticket when you need a pick-me-up around the 4pm slump. The earthy notes from the matcha cream filling nicely balances out the sweetness of the outer layers, which will stop you from bouncing off the walls in a sugared frenzy.

3. Matcha Latte


We all know that person who needs seven cups of coffee a day to function – in fact, it may even be you! Luckily, there's a healthier option at Picapika Waffles in Melbourne to cure that chronic sleepiness. The Matcha Latte warms the soul with its creaminess, and the distinctive matcha flavour takes on a natural sweetness combined with the hot frothy milk. No more nodding off!

4. Matcha Green Tea

A sip from a hot cup of Matcha Green Tea will transport you straight from the bustling streets of Perth to the tranquil gardens of a traditional Japanese teahouse. At Taro Taro you can expect nothing less, whose extensive tea menu promises quality and expertise. The matcha tea is light yet rich in flavour, with a lingering sweetness at the end.

5. Japanese Matcha Egg Waffle

Tutto is a dessert palace that offers up a matcha waffle worth waffling on about. Strong enough to rival the classic over in Belgium, this Japanese version piles on the goodness with a sweet red bean filling, an earthy matcha twist, scoops of cold vanilla ice cream and lashings of yellow custard. Yum is just the foreword.

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