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4 Chicken-licious Options in the Healthy Asian Style

Check out some chicken for healthy Asian eating in Brisbane

One of the great things about chicken is just how versatile it is. Another is how healthy it can be, especially when it's cooked in the right ways. Low in fat and high in protein, it's no wonder that it's a meat that plays such a big part in so many sports people's diets. But you don't need to be an athlete to enjoy and benefit from these four dishes. You just need to be a fan of Brisbane's Chinese takeaways, as well as healthy eating in general. And it doesn't stop at Chinese either - there are Thai, Nepalese and Vietnamese dishes too. So all you need to do is enjoy!

1. Poached Chicken Pho

One of the great benefits of poaching chicken is not just how healthy it makes it: the meat is incredibly tender too. You'll soon discover this for yourself if you take the wise step of ordering this amazing soup from Little Noodle Big Broth. It's served with rice noodles, bean sprouts, lemon and fresh herbs and the end result is alive with bright and zingy flavours. It's also surprisingly filling for a soup which is another great advantage if you're watching the calories or just want to enjoy a quick pit stop in a busy day.

2. Roasted Poleko Kukhura Ko Masu

If you love curries but think that all those creamy and buttery sauces mean you're better off giving them a miss then the Foodmosphere Restaurant & Bar has some very good news for you. Not only is their Poleko Kukhura Ko Masu marinated in lower-fat yoghurt, the chicken is roasted and not fried. It's a modern Nepalese dish that also has very delicate spicing and a rich flavour from the blend of herbs that the recipe includes. So here's one curry that's definitely a lighter kind of dish.

3. Grilled Chicken Satay Burger

There are certainly some inspirational Asian dishes to be enjoyed in the city and, for this one, CowPigChicken have taken fusion cuisine to their heart. Served in a brioche bun, it's a juicy, grilled prime chicken breast that comes with their own homemade peanut satay sauce. There's also a special Asian slaw to make sure you get some of your daily veggies and a sweet onion jam adds the perfect finishing touch. If you'd like to try one of their alternative ways with grilled chicken, then their Chicken and Halloumi Wrap's another winner that comes with some super-healthy avocado too.

4. Steamed Chicken Rice Paper Roll  

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Let's end on an extra-light note with these delicate, steamed chicken rolls from Viet De Lites. They make the perfect entrée and it'll more than satisfy for flavour while leaving plenty of room for the rest of the meal. Fine rice paper wraps up these four delicious parcels of steamed chicken, lettuce, rice vermicelli, carrot and mint. A hoisin dipping sauce completes the dish and provides the perfect sweet counterpoint to these savoury and very moreish treats.

Now's the time to try these super healthy Asian chicken treats and Deliveroo's here to speed them to your door.

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