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A Monday to Friday Journey of Toast For Breakfast

Five Toasts For Every Weekday! This Is How Sydney Is Curbing Tummy Rumbles

Are you ready to start your day? Maybe not. Food as fuel can give you the right boost to recharge your morning. What better way to fuel up than with an inspiring brekkie that will drag you from the joys of dreamland into full-throttle working mode? There is plenty on offer, from the wonderful creations of classic English breakfast, toasties and French toast.

Toast as a quickie meal is a grenade of energy and taste ready to satisfy morning hunger. The breakfast offerings at some of Sydney's finest eateries stem from the four corners of the world ready to excite your slumbering adrenaline. Add your favourite cup of coffee or tea and your day is set. Better yet, we've a toast to try for every day of the week.

Monday @ Joe Black Cafe

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One of the top-rated restaurants on Deliveroo with the kind of appeal that's grabbing everyone's attention is Joe Black Cafe. The selected toast from their breakfast menu is a vegetarian classic: their version of Smashed Avo is made with sliced tomato and smashed avocado on sourdough toast with pedro glaze, goat cheese and finally the addition of smoked salmon. It's a real full meal and perfect for starting your working week on the right foot. Chase it up with "Mazza", their iced maple latte: it's made with dark Canadian maple syrup that is infused with iced coffee from the 5 senses coffee blend. Superb!

Tuesday @ Chez Sun

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For the bold flavour explorers, the best place in the city is Chez Sun, an oriental-inspired restaurant with a superb French patisserie. Their speciality for breakfast is the Chez Sun Deep Fried Egg, that consists of toasted sourdough with chipotle pulled pork, avocado, Italian prosciutto, all of which is served up with a delicious creamed corn. A real bomb of taste that will fill up your energy tank until lunchtime. Their bar staff are also able to make some delicious drinks, so we can't resist suggesting the 'I'm Fabulous' – with pear, pineapple and ginger to fire you up this glug does what it says on the tin!

Wednesday @  The Coffee Club

The real house of all-day breakfast, where the friendly staff are happy to serve you their entire menu until dinner. Such is the welcome that awaits you at The Coffee Club. Ideal for a mid-week toast treat that honours the French toast. Their French toast is made using thick-cut bread drizzled with maple syrup and ice cream: it's a nice summery version of a classic European breakfast and a sure fire way to add a lively smile to your Wednesday-morning face.

Thursday @ Nosh Cafè & Restaurant

Sometimes it's natural to slow down on Thursday, as the weekend gets closer. For this day it's preferable to stake your tummy pleasure on traditional Italian expertise and the fellas inside Nosh Cafè will get you sorted pronto. An Italian cafè and restaurant with a great variety of dishes, ranging from the classic to the most advanced. Their Ricotta & Honey on sourdough toast offers a load of natural sugar with a slightly salty typical cheese. A simple but unique combination that marries well with their Ice Latte. As universally acknowledged masters of coffee, you sure can find something pleasing in their drinks menu too.

Friday @ Hills Bros

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Liberation day! One of the most globally celebrated days of the week.  Even if you love your job, Friday is Friday no explanation needed. To close this toastie week no place is better than Hills Bros. These guys create a deliciously Mixed Mushroom Toastie that includes figs on sage and onion butter with a selection of three kinds of cheese. A real masterpiece of flavour combination that will last in your mind throughout the weekend. Try it with the delicate taste of jasmine tea, the ideal drink for subtlety that won't influence the balance of the toast dish.

So now that you've got the map to navigate through the best toast offers of the city, why not let Deliveroo bring everything straight to your office. Make morning munchies a thing of the past.

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