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Top 5 Thai restaurants in Perth

Thai Food in Perth: 5 Restaurants to Try Now

When the takeout cravings settle somewhere between a Chinese stir-fry or Indian curry, what better than to turn to their culinary lovechild, Thai food? One of the most popular cuisines in the world, Thai cuisine delivers complex and often contradictory flavours with much finesse and grace in the form of fragrant curries, succulent roasts and scrumptious noodle dishes like pad thai.

Here are our absolute favourite restaurants to order Thai from in Perth.

1. Paste Thai

Arguably the very best spot for Thai fusion in all of Perth, Paste Thai serves up vibrant dishes with a twist and offers gluten-free versions for select options. A compact and concentrated selection of home runs, each item is fresh and flavoursome. Top dishes include egg threads, a skeletal egg-based pancake wrapped around crispy pork, prawns and herbs, and for the mains, green curry and coconut rice. The house specialties include an outstanding roasted five spiced duck with pomegranate and steamed vegetables and a crispy barramundi fish stir-fried with veggies in garlic and pepper sauce.

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2. Thailicious

Big on traditional tastes, what sets Thailicious apart is a comprehensive menu that offers Bangkok-style food. A classic appetizer choice, the fish cakes come with a sweet chilli dipping sauce and strike the fine balance between crispy outside and soft inside. Another good choice is the prawn's paradise- deep fried prawns wrapped in potato noodles. For the mains, the Thai red roasted duck curry came out on top, with the saltiness of the duck complemented by the heat from the curry paste and chillies and sweetness from pineapple and lychees.

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3. S&T Thai Café

Popular with the locals, the unassuming yet cosy S&T Thai Café is known to get crowded pretty often thanks to a reputation driven by word-of-mouth, which is another way of saying that the food is so good, it doesn't matter what the place looks like. The most popular menu items include the Pad Thai, the extra-large S&T Crispy Roll, and the house special, fried rice, with 18 different variations available on request. It's no surprise that the place does so well- the pleasantly affordable prices are made sweeter because of the generous portion sizes. A note of caution though- the standard spice level runs a bit higher than anticipated, so request accordingly when ordering for takeout.

4. Lanna Thai

Famed for its zingy and fragrant tom yum soup laden with mushrooms and chicken or prawns great for clearing out a wicked sinus block, but don't worry - they're happy to accommodate patrons not big on spices. The family-run Lanna Thai provides a great variety of authentic pure vegetarian dishes for conscious eaters, including meat-free versions of their incredibly popular green and red curries. Beer lovers can expect a pleasant surprise with the alcohol selection offering traditional Singha beer to wash down the delicious chicken-stuffed curry puffs and deep-fried soft-shell crab.

5. Six Senses Thai

Not quite fusion yet not quite the standard set of flavours, Six Senses believes that what sets their food apart is the focus on transforming fresh local produce into Thai dishes with a dash of creativity. The massaman beef paired with a glass of red wine brings the kind of romance that only accompanies fine food home, levelling up a date night spent indoors. Those tired of the usual spring rolls and satay can order the betel leaf prawns and roasted duck in rice paper rolls for a tasty change. Vegetarians can enjoy the stir-fried pumpkin with a host of veggies tossed in a special sauce, or fresh greens and tofu stir-fried in the garlic-infused oyster sauce.

Fortunately, you can have your (fish) cake and eat it too, without leaving the comfort of your home. All these mouth-watering dishes are available on Deliveroo, just a tap or a click away from your front door.

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