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6 Asian Chicken Dishes To Discover In Brisbane

Brisbane Diners Should Look East For Inspirational Chicken Dishes!

If you order regularly from a Chinese, Indian or Thai takeaway, you could be forgiven for thinking you know pretty much all the Asian chicken dishes that are out there.

But we'd say you need to think again – we've rounded up some of the more unusual chicken dishes on Brisbane's Asian restaurant menus for you to see what dishes you haven't yet tried!

1. Chicken Katsu Bao

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Who says burgers are American only? They're a part of Chinese street food too. At Junk in South Brisbane, the Chicken Katsu Bao comes in a serving of three Chinese steamed buns, filled with crispy fried chicken breast cooked southern style, along with smoky bulldog sauce and kimchi fermented veggies on the side. This Asian-American fusion dish is certainly one worth tasting!

2. Gai Yang

You don't always think of Thai cuisine and barbecue as going together, but that's exactly what you get if you order Gai Yang at Thai on High. Their barbecue chicken dish is marinated in Thai spices, then grilled and served with sweet Thai chilli sauce. Expect tender chicken with sweet and savoury notes.

3. Mango Chicken

You've probably had all kinds of Indian food that features chicken - often referred to in the menu as murgh. Chicken tikka, chicken vindaloo, chicken korma - to name but a few of the best-known dishes. But have you ever tried Mango Chicken? You can get it at Blue Gulabi. The chicken is cooked and served in a sweet and tasty mango and tomato sauce. Pair it with your favourite rice dish or naan for a satisfyingly sweet yet savoury dish.

4. Chicken curry laksa

When you're after a spicy soup for lunch or dinner, try out a curry laksa short from Bamboo Basket. This Shanghai-inspired eatery specialises in northern and southern Chinese cooking and their Chicken curry laksa is a warming and filling meal in a cup featuring a number of fiery spices, coconut milk and noodles!

5. Korean Fried Chicken Half-Half

This is a dish that's designed for ditherers; the people who can't decide what to pick on a menu. At Korean Burger, the speciality is the rice burger and fried chicken. However, not one to be missed, the Korean Fried Chicken is deep fried in a crunchy batter and served with a choice of sauces - soy garlic, sweet chilli, or shredded shallot and soy. If you can't choose one sauce, go for the Half-Half, as you'll get to choose two flavours of sauce instead!

6. Char Kway Teow

Forget normal stir-fry noodle or rice dishes and try instead the Char Kway Teow at the Shun Noodle bar. This dish is a national icon in Malaysia and Singapore and features strips of stir-fried rice cake that's cooked with eggs and chicken, prawns and vegetables. A one-plate dish that will give you all your nutrients with plenty of flavour!

Chicken is an incredibly versatile meat and these six dishes demonstrate just how many ways it can be cooked. Deliveroo can bring you any of your favourite Asian chicken dishes; all you need to decide is which one you want!

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