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Instagram Worthy Burgers

Instagram worthy burgers: 5 impressive burgers that have to be seen to be believed

When you're scrolling through Instagram, nothing gets your FOMO going more than a good foodie post. And when we're talking perfect foodie pics, burgers are best. We all know the kind – the style of snaps that hit you so hard you know you have to sample and see. Well if you're ready to find out what the fuss is all about, head to one these five burger joints for an Instagram-friendly feast.

1. Mary's

If you're looking for a stack that's sure to melt your heart, go to Mary's. Served up as a single or double, their delicious O'Connor grass-fed beef patties are legendary. Yes, they're mammoth. Yes, they taste as good as they look. And yes, when you get the double cheese with bacon it's a juicy cheese-smothered feast just waiting to be tackled. Are you up to the task?

Where: Mary's, Sydney

2. Ribs & Burgers

Ribs & Burgers have an insane selection of burgers, that's for sure. But if you want the biggest and the best, order The Aussie. A signature beef patty is topped traditionally with Swiss cheese, bacon and pickles – but that's where all things typical end. In true R&B style, a fried egg, beetroot and pineapple are piled on for full-on flavour. Finished with a BBQ & Aunty Joan's pink sauce combination, it's clever, creative and more than just picture-perfect.

Where: Ribs & Burgers, various locations

3. Huxtaburger

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For times when size matters, Huxtaburger do not disappoint. Just look at that stack. Their infamous 'Theo' burger is a local favourite. Featuring double the beef and two helpings of cheese, their staple bacon and BBQ sauce combination comes with a couple of accompaniments. Classic choices aside, pineapple and avocado are perfect picks for a sweet and creamy closing.

Where: Huxtaburger, five locations in Melbourne

4. Guilty

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We're all guilty of a little burger lovin', but Guilty take it to the next level. And not just for the Insta fame. You only have to look at their menu of patties and all the staple sides to see why. Take the Special Chicken Sandwich No. 3. A tender chicken patty is fried in crispy mi goreng noodles for the ultimate in comfort food coatings. Served with fried onions, pickled carrots and a hot sauce slash soy mayo mix for a zingy finish.

Where: Guilty, Sydney

5. Burger Urge

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And then sometimes, you find a full collection of burgers that are all so Insta-friendly, it's too tough to choose. That's exactly what happens when you check out Burger Urge's offerings. Beef, chicken or veggie choice aside – each dish looks as impressive as the next. A firm favourite is the Hotel California burger, which boasts a chicken breast topped with crispy maple bacon, creamy avocado and a truffle mayo and aioli merger that makes it memorable.

Where: Burger Urge, various locations

But just don't believe the hype. Pick a place and bite into an Instafamous burger with a little help from Deliveroo and see it for yourself.

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