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Our favourite fungi - 4 magnificent mushroom dishes

Mushroom must-dos – the ultimate ways to eat them

Italian food and mushrooms go together like peas in a pod. If you want to do it like the Italians do, there are several great Italian takeaway options available to satisfy those boot-shaped cravings.

Although mushrooms do very well on their own, we must give credit where credit is due – and there is no question about it, Italy are the world champions of mushroom preparation. Sliced over a steaming hot pizza, tossed in garlic and butter on toasted bruschetta, acting as the staple in a mushroom risotto, or finely chopped in a creamy pasta dish – you simply can't go wrong. We've rounded up some of the finest mushroom dishes around to guide you through the tangled undergrowth of foodie fungi.

1. Arancini Al Funghi

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It's difficult to imagine something more satisfying than a mushroom risotto. But then some genius came and rolled it up in little balls, covered it in breadcrumbs and stuck it in the deep fat fryer. Hey presto, Arancini was born. In Brisbane, you can get these delectable little bites at Il Verde, who pride themselves on their version of the classic snack – a perfect golden crispy outer layer, with a smooth and rich mushroom risotto filling. Bellissimo! 

2. Stuffed Mushrooms

If simply ordering a mushroom main isn't enough to fulfil your fungi fix, you can get a hearty side of Stuffed Mushrooms from oh-so-authentic Criniti's in Sydney. These baked beasts do wonders when it comes to texture and flavour combinations. The soft mushroom flesh and gooey melted mozzarella come up against the crunch from the crusty layer of breadcrumbs, whilst the fresh rocket gives the dish a tangy kick to balance out the sweetness from the semi-dried tomatoes. It's basically a little nest for heavenly flavours. 

3. Mushroom Risotto

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Did you know that risotto rhymes with motto? Coincidence? Don't think so. If there is one word that should encapsulate your ideals, it's definitely risotto. And who better to deliver these pots of wisdom than Melbourne's Rococo, whose risotto with assorted mushrooms, provolone cheese and toasted pine nuts is like the snuggest hug in a bowl. The rich and silky rice stew is punctuated by the earthy mushrooms, with a lovely finish added by the piquant nutty flavours. Buon appetito.

4. Gnocchi with Pearl, Oyster and Enoki Mushrooms 

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If there is one criticism to offer those who like to use mushrooms in food it would be that they don't use enough types of mushroom. There is so much more beyond the common white button variety – and we love a good old classic! Primo in Melbourne shares this feeling and offers three different kinds of mushroom in their rich Gnocchi. The delicate and mild taste notes from the pearl and oyster mushrooms are a great complement to the more fruity and bouncy enoki type. Fried kale adds bitterness, which is rounded off by thick dollops of mascarpone – hungry yet?

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