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Channel Your Inner Joey from ‘Friends’ with These Tasty Dishes

Channel your inner Joey Tribbiani with these delicious dishes

Sometimes after a rough week, there's nothing better than cuddling into the couch and turning on an episode of Friends with a delicious meal on its way. For all of the sitcom's dedicated fans, it's easy to channel your inner Joey - especially on an empty stomach.

You might not expect to catch him tucking into the cumin-spiced classics or the posh panna cotta you had lined up for the evening (especially if it the latter, "appears to have some red crap" on it). But he can eat well - and we mean well.

So, from the best entrees to the most scrumptious desserts in Australia, we're guiding you through each course and helping you take a page from Joey's book - to never go hungry again.

First and foremost, "Joey doesn't share food!"

That's a rule that just can't be broken. We all feel like pigging out every once in a while and it soothes the soul to have a big plate of your favourite meal all to yourself. Don't be ashamed, be you!

For the biggest of appetites, you'll need a Big Dish from Ruyi, a restaurant that represents the essence of Chinese cuisine, but with a Western twist. It has an entire section dedicated to all the foodies out there, and it's (appropriately) named Big Dishes.

We can't let you miss out on their Cumin Pork Ribs, because it's what Joey would have wanted. In his words, "Meat… GOOD!" These spicy, succulent ribs are sprinkled with cumin and Szechuan pepper that you'll be craving for days to come. Slap on a bib and make Joey proud by indulging in this plate all by yourself tonight!

"I was trying to save my sandwich…"

There are moments when your favourite meal is something you'd do anything to eat. Remember the one when, on hearing gunshots, Joey's first instinct was to save his favourite meatball sub? Most people would think he's crazy, but they're the ones who have probably never tried this.

In homage to that episode, the sandwich we believe worth saving - at all costs - is Meatball & Wine Bar's popular Open Meatball Sandwich. This long baguette is stuffed with succulent meatballs and covered in creamy bocconcini cheese and a velvety red sauce. Sandwiches are Joey's favourite food and they'll be yours too after you take the first bite. 

"That's the 4th of July without apple pie, or like Friday with no two pizzas."

The Joey Special (read: two pizzas) is a tradition that's starting to catch on. Pizza is a top-rated Joey meal and you'd be crazy if you didn't adore a good pizza. Have yourself a Friends-themed Friday night and get yourself the best New York-style pizza in town from New York Slice.

This hot spot's Family Combo Deal is the key to the full New York pizza experience. This meal deal involves one massive, classic pizza with a soft, yet crispy dough smothered in mozzarella, bocconcini, fresh basil and a creamy red sauce. End the experience with a sweet dessert and a nice cold drink, Tribbiani-style.

"Don't you put words in people's mouths, you put turkey in people's mouths."

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When Joey thought Monica wasn't going to cook turkey for their annual Thanksgiving feast, he nearly had a fit. He may have gotten himself into a bit of trouble by promising to eat the whole thing, but you'd probably do the same if your turkey-eating festivities were at risk.

We doubt you fancy eating a whole turkey, but you could relive that moment with Zuppa's delicious Wild Turkey Toasted Sandwich! In this yummy delight, roast turkey is smothered in cranberry, red onion and provolone, with a generous spread of Meredith goat cheese and mayonnaise. And we're so thankful for it.

Whatever your foodie vice may be, just think: "What would Joey do?" Your inspired evening awaits on Deliveroo.

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