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  2. More ways to have a kebab than you can shake a skewer at!
Enjoy a Classic Kebab with Your Favourite Ingredients

More ways to have a kebab than you can shake a skewer at!

Who doesn't love a good kebab, hey? Marinated ingredients stuck onto a stick - sign us right up! Whether you're after classy and traditional or messy and greasy, the humble (or not so humble) kebab has got you all sorted. Hailing from Lebanese and other Middle Eastern cuisines, a multitude of places have now made it their own. One of the things we love best about kebabs is just how much awesome stuff you can pack in. From tender chicken to fresh vegetables, they're pretty much guaranteed satisfaction. We've had a poke around and have discovered the top kebab ingredients. 

1. Luscious lamb

Lamb is a super traditional kebab choice, probably because it's so popular in the Middle East. It may be a meat that's difficult to get right but in cultural cuisine they've got it down to a T. At Kiwifish and Chips, they understand the importance of nailing it every time. Their Grilled Lamb Skewer Pack is the dish you want to order - and it goes so well with the Greek tzatziki sauce and lemon on the side. 

2. Sensational seafood

There are plenty of reasons to choose seafood, but the main one is that it just tastes oh so good. Seafood may not be the first things you think of putting on a kebab, but that doesn't mean that others haven't. We're blessed right across Australia with some of the freshest fish and seafood and a kebab is as good a way as any put it all to good use. Once you've tried the Garlic Prawn Skewers from Tommy Ruff in Melbourne, you'll see that we know best!

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3. Versatile veggies

Vegetables are brilliant - they go with virtually anything and they keep us super healthy as well. You can add veggies to essentially any kebab, with meats or on their own to keep the whole thing vegetarian. Perhaps the best form of vegetables to go on a kebab ever are those that go into falafel. Truly in keeping with the Lebanese theme, Falafel Kebabs such as those from Fresh One Kebab in Brisbane are delicious and completely cruelty-free. 

4. Cheery chicken

Who isn't cheered up by chicken? Chicken and kebabs go together like sea and sand, fish and chips or Romeo and Juliet (you know, before the end). The extra attention paid to the marinade often results in an extra succulent dish and kebabs from Kebaba in Canberra are truly no exception to that rule. We love their Chicken Kebab and it's super popular with the locals, too. It comes with lettuce, tomato and onion - plus your choice of sauce. 

5. Massive mixes

Can't decide? Who can blame you. If you want to mix and match some of the above, you should. Thankfully, plenty of places will let you do that, such as Melbourne's Mum's Kebab. Enjoy Mixed Kebab (Lamb & Chicken) which comes complete with all the trimmings and a garlic sauce. We only wish our own mother's cooking was this good... but then we'd have no excuse to order in!

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