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Keen on kimchi - 4 amazing ways to enjoy kimchi in Melbourne

Keeping it kimchi - the best ways to enjoy the superfood in Melbourne

If you're a fan of Asian food – and let's be honest, who isn't? – you have probably come across a little something called kimchi. In Korea, it's eaten pretty much every day – it's like saying kimchi is as common in Korea as burgers are in the US. Kimchi, however, is a superfood that's rich in vitamins and generally great for you.

Despite its distinctive taste, kimchi comes served in many different ways and works with several flavour combinations. Want it pickled on top of some Korean BBQ meat? No problem! What about sliced and fried in a pancake – sure, why not? To give you a helping hand, we've found four of the best and quirkiest ways to enjoy kimchi in Melbourne. You're welcome.

1. Kimchi Coleslaw

Some say that less is more, but we agree with the ethos championed by The More the Better – especially when it comes to their Kimchi Coleslaw. Forget the stuff that comes in plastic tubs from the supermarket, this is the real deal. The tangy side dish is a perfect accompaniment to any of the Korean specialties on the menu, unless of course you like it so much you'll want it as a main!

2. Kim-Chi-Dup-Bap

Any fan of Korean fare will most likely love a bibimbap - that's a hot stone bowl with rice and a mixture of ingredients, for those unacquainted with this delicacy. At Kim Chi Grandma you can get this classic with a twist, where kimchi is the star of the show. Sticky rice is topped with a stir fry of sharp-tasting kimchi, sliced pork, mixed seasonal vegetables and crispy fried egg on top. It's the hottest hot stone pot in town.

3. Kimchi Fries

Ah, fries - the best side dish to come out of america. What could be better? The answer is loaded fries! But what is better than loaded fries? It's a no-brainer: we're talking fries loaded with kimchi! SamSam Korean Chicken and Beer has created this beast of a side, where the caramelised kimchi is a great compliment to the zingy flavours from the lemon zest, the sour cream and the crunch from the crispy pork belly. The shredded cheese and jalapeno adds extra richness and bite to an already perfect dish.

4. Kimchi Bacon Croquette

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Let's be truthful, we all get a little coquettish around a croquette - and when they make them as good as they do over at Suda, it's not hard to understand why. These small deep-fried balls of goodness are gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside, with added smoky flavour from the roasted bacon and kimchi. The only issue is – how are you going to stop eating them?

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