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  2. Add an Asian infusion to your favourite dishes with these four fantastic food swaps
From Everyday to Asian - 4 Ways to Liven Up Your Daily Dining

Add an Asian infusion to your favourite dishes with these four fantastic food swaps

When you're thinking of the most exciting cuisines, it has to be said that Asian food is up there - right? Offering flavour, variety and options to suit every palette, it's a firm favourite for most of us. It's the type of cuisine that really does have something for everyone, too, whether you're vegan, vegetarian or a good old-fashioned carnivore. We're challenging ourselves to a fun food challenge: is it possible to swap all of our favourite western drinks and dishes for an Asian-inspired alternative, to spice up our boring regime? We think so - try them out and see if you agree!

1. Swap breakfast tea for kombucha

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If there's one stereotypically western dining habit of which every one of us is guilty, it's indulging in a cup of breakfast tea. There's nothing better to wake us up in the morning than a swig of the good stuff: we close our eyes, drink deep and enjoy. So the thought of swapping our standard AM wake-up call is a little daunting. Unless, of course, you substitute it for the out-of-this-world kombucha! Healthy, refreshing and full of flavour, this Chinese beverage is famed for its detoxifying and energising properties, making it an ideal early morning invigorator. Order the Apple Crisp version from Sumo Salad Miranda to test our theory for yourself!

2. Swap sauerkraut for kimchi

Sauerkraut is an undeniably western dish. We perhaps don't eat this German favourite of chopped and pickled cabbage all that often but, when we do, we go to town and really glut ourselves. Packed with vitamins, fibre, and probiotics, it's surprisingly good for us - guilt-free indulgence. What Asian alternative could possibly top that? The answer is kimchi, a Korean dish whose core ingredient is spicy pickled cabbage - sound familiar? It's a traditional side dish that blends napa cabbage and Korean radishes with a variety of seasonings. It's tasty, healthy and makes a perfect substitution if you fancy a bit of Asian spice for a change. Get the Trio of Kimchi from Quinni to see for yourself.

3. Swap pasta for soba noodles

Pasta is a diet staple for many. Making the perfect ingredient in lunches and dinners alike, it's filling, adds a great basic flavour and is liked by absolutely everyone. So finding a fair substitution for it is definitely a challenge – cue soba noodles! A type of thin noodle made from buckwheat flour, these can be served either chilled with a dipping sauce or in a hot broth as noodle soup. You can order the latter from Soba Soba and we suggest you do so the next time you're feeling adventurous.

4. Swap roast chicken for kung-po

Chicken can taste a little bland if it's not properly prepared but, roasted to perfection and served up alongside Yorkshire puddings, vegetables and thick, rich gravy, it's a different story entirely. But just because it's a tried and tested recipe doesn't mean you should stick to it exclusively. There are lots of fun and flavoursome ways to prepare chicken and kung pao style is one of our favourites. A Chinese stir-fried dish, kung-pao or kung-po is made from chicken, peanuts, vegetables and chilli peppers. So liven up your Sunday dinner with an exotic substitution and order this delight from I Love Dumplings - it'll really spice things up.    

With drinks, sides and meals for every night of the week covered, this challenge is complete! All that remains to decide is, which of these dishes will you order from Deliveroo first? 

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