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Melbourne's Tastiest Korean BBQ Restaurants Revealed

The tastiest Korean BBQ in Melbourne revealed

We do love our Asian food in Melbourne, and sushi is definitely a big hit. But if you're on the lookout for a new Asian cuisine that will tantalise your taste buds, you're in the right place. At the moment, we're completely obsessed with Korean, and especially Korean BBQ.

That's why we've pulled together a list of the best Korean BBQs in Melbourne, so you can see for yourself what the fuss is about. Trust us, it's worth it.

But first, what is Korean BBQ?

Korean BBQ refers to a traditional Korean method of grilling meat, typically beef, chicken or pork. The various cuts of meat and exotic vegetables paired with seriously delicious sauces mean that it's a treat for even the fussiest of eaters.

Perhaps the most well-known Korean BBQ dish is the BBQ pork bun. Steamed or baked, these little dumpling balls are stuffed with moreish barbecue-flavoured cha siu pork. Another traditional Korean BBQ dish is bibimbap, which is a bowl of steamed rice with various toppings (most commonly grilled pork belly), a fried egg, and a spicy soybean paste called gochujang.

Although Korean BBQ is typically meat-based, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it as a veggie or vegan too. Korean food is jam-packed full of aubergine, squash and tofu, making it perfect for enjoying the delicious flavours of grilled BBQ food without any meat.

Mouth watering yet? Let's dive into the tastiest Korean BBQs in Melbourne.

1. Kong BBQ, Richmond

Located on Church Street in Richmond, Kong BBQ is an ideal spot to dive head-first into Korean BBQ cuisine. If you're just popping in for lunch, a great place to start is with the Kong Bossam barbecue tray. You'll get a selection of meats including pulled pork, chicken, pork belly and brisket, along with kimchi and salad. Yum!

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2. Nemo, Carlton

Nemo may be a small and cosy spot in Carlton, but their menu packs a punch when it comes to delicious Korean BBQ food. Nemo means "box" in Korean, and their meals are perfectly sized to be boxed up and delivered to your door. We recommend you choose the Korean lunch tray or Korean rice bowl. You decide which Korean BBQ you'd like from a choice of spicy pork, chicken, crispy chicken or cauliflower and tofu. Dishes come with rice and salad and the lunch tray also features dumplings and a side dish.

3. Chimac Korean Bistro, North Melbourne

It might not be the first cuisine pairing you'd think of, but Mexican-Korean fusion food is what you'll find on the menu at Chimac. On their Modern Korean menu, the Ta-Kor is a toasted tortilla that's wrapped around Korean BBQ and is served with the house kor slaw and tomato salsa. Try this cross-continental twist on Korean BBQ and you'll never look back.

4. Kim Chi Grandma, Malvern

Alongside the classic and popular dish Bul-Go-Gi beef or spicy beef BBQ at Kim Chi Grandma, there's also the choice of spicy pork or spicy chicken BBQ too. One thing that's guaranteed at Kim Chi Grandma is that you'll get the real deal when it comes to authentic Korean cooking. An added bonus is that their portion sizes are really generous, so just make sure you're hungry before you order!

So there you have it: The absolute tastiest Korean BBQ joints in Melbourne. So next time you're popping out for lunch, grab yourself a bao bun. Or when you're off out for dinner with friends, settle down for a delicious Korean BBQ feast.

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