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  2. It’s A Chicken Fiesta In Aus! Zesty Latin Dishes You Need To Try
Zesty Latin Chicken Dishes You Need To Try In Australia

It’s A Chicken Fiesta In Aus! Zesty Latin Dishes You Need To Try

From the heart of Latin American chicken shops all the way to Portugal, some of the wildest dishes are being served right around the corner! Whether you're in Melbourne or Sydney, juicy chicken dishes are brought to life on a daily basis with unique and delicious recipes, spices and flavours of all sorts. If you're looking for a new and funky chicken dish to try for dinner on a night in, take a look at our guide to some of the zestiest and most delicious Latin-inspired chicken dishes right here in Australia.

1. Gordo Fried Chicken Burger - Barrio Cellar

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A late night tequileria, Barrio Cellar serves up incredible Mexican dishes that'll melt your heart. Using authentic recipes and fresh ingredients to produce every dish they serve, this spot is a definite must-try for your next South American chicken escapade. The Gordo Fried Chicken Burger is as big and mean as it is delicious. A thick, juicy slab of fried chicken is stuffed between two buns and garnished with fresh tomatoes, crunchy baby cos lettuce and pickled dill cucumbers. They top it off with a divine Sriracha mayo dressing, adding a whole world of flavour to every crunchy bite.

2. Brazilian Chicken Croquetes - Braza Darling Harbour

You can find all sorts of genuine Brazilian dishes and desserts oozing with uplifting spices and mesmerising aromas at Braza! When it comes to succulent Brazilian chicken-based dishes and quick bites, Braza has it all – including their Chicken Croquetes, or Coxinhas. Crumbled potato dough balls are stuffed to the brim with juicy chicken and fried to a gorgeous, golden crisp. Served up with a savoury Malagueta Chilli for that added bite of spiciness, prepare yourself for a filling Brazilian snack guaranteed to have you ordering seconds.

3. Embrulho Rappas - Oporto

This isn't your ordinary chicken shop! Known for their legendary Bondi burgers, Oporto also serves up some of the most mouth-watering and alluring grilled Portuguese chicken around. The Embrulho – Portuguese wrap – is a marvel in its own. Freshly char-grilled chicken tenders are placed in a warm slice of pita bread and drizzled over with a jalapeno and lime sauce that's bursting with flavour. Finally, they're topped with a crunchy slaw and spicy Portuguese rice before being wrapped up to produce a heavenly Embrulho dripping with flavour. Be sure to order one up from Oporto next time that chicken craving kicks in!

4. Big Bang Burrito - Juicy Lucy

Another gift from Mexico to the world is the beloved burrito. The Big Bang Burrito from Juicy Lucy is a must-try for anyone yearning for a delicious wrap. It's packed to the brim with chicken and all the right fixings: seasoned Mexican rice and perfectly golden fried chicken are topped off with a savoury slaw and hot green Sriracha sauce. All this deliciousness is heavily stuffed into a warm tortilla to create a burrito bursting with zest. Craving a classic Mexican bite? Try out the Juicy Lucy on your next lunch!

5. Char-Grilled Chilli Chicken Dinner - Spit Roast Shop

Well known for their enticing and deeply satisfying chicken dishes, Spit Roast Shop excels at their marvellous char-grilled chicken meals. You might be a fan of plain old chicken soup, or everyday chicken sandwiches… but the chicken dinners from Spit Roast are over-the-top and ready to rock your chicken world. The Char-Grilled Chilli Chicken Dinner is a fantastic meal guaranteed to keep you full. Fresh chicken is marinated in a savoury chilli sauce and grilled to perfection over a charcoal grill. Your choice of vegetables – ranging from baked sweet potatoes, sautéed vegetables, roast pumpkin and more – and a tub of gravy are the perfect complement to this chicken extravaganza.

Get ready to chow down and indulge yourself in some of the tastiest and most satisfying Latin chicken dishes on Deliveroo!

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