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  2. Mamma Mia! 5 Extravagant Pasta Dishes In Sydney That Will Have You Licking Your Lips
Sydney’s 5 Most Extravagant Pasta Dishes For You To Try

Mamma Mia! 5 Extravagant Pasta Dishes In Sydney That Will Have You Licking Your Lips

Cooking your own Italian meal isn't that difficult, but if you're in the mood for something more than just a creamy carbonara or a meaty Bolognese you're better off checking out these amazing pasta creations than spending hours in the kitchen. Sydney is home to some amazingly authentic Italian restaurants and takeaways, letting you enjoy a more extravagant taste of the Mediterranean without leaving the house.

1. Linguine Frank Sinatra - Criniti's

People from all across the city flock to order from Criniti's: a restaurant that's regularly voted as Australia's 'Favourite Italian'. Established some 15 years ago by a husband-and-wife team, Frank and Rima Criniti have an immense passion for premium-quality Italian-style home cooking and it's easy to see what all the fuss is about. Their Linguine Frank Sinatra, inspired by 'ol' blue eyes himself, is jam-packed with fresh seafood, from scallops to mussels, all topped with fresh chilli and garlic oil for a vibrant kick. Opulence abounds in this special, jazzy dish.

2. Crab Spaghettini - Fratelli Fresh

This restaurant that prides itself on being an extension of the Italian family's home dining table, but it's certainly like nothing you've ever whipped up in your own kitchen. Fratelli Fresh brings all the joys of the Mediterranean to your front door with a great choice of fresh pastas and traditional pizzas. Their incredible Crab Spaghettini lets the wonderful flavours of the crab sing, enhanced by a blend of garlic, chilli and parsley.

3. Chilli Crab & Mascarpone Ravioloni - Adamo's Pasta

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It would be just wrong to write an article on Sydney's finest pasta dishes without mentioning the award-winning Chilli Crab & Mascarpone Ravioloni from Adamo's Pasta. The restaurant that strives to keep the traditions of Italian home cooking alive and well, but still manages to go one step further: this particular dish scooped a Gold Prize at the 2017 Australian Food Awards, so you can be sure of its rich and indulgent qualities.

4. Primavera Ravioli - Jamie's Italian

Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has a string of Italian restaurants around the world and Parramatta's very own Jamie's Italian is very popular with those looking for fresh and light pasta dishes, particularly in the warmer months. The Primavera Ravioli ticks all the right boxes – its buffalo ricotta-stuffed pasta parcels are delicate and the vibrant lemon-infused butter sauce and green pea shoots, peas and mint provide a genuine freshness to the dish.

5. Fettucini Salmon - Macaroni Pasta Bar

If you live in the Newtown area of Sydney, make sure you get Macaroni Pasta Bar bookmarked! These guys really know their stuff and are cooking up fresh, authentic Italian cuisine that's way more than your bog-standard Italian pasta sauce out of a jar. Their Fettucini Salmon offers a delicious taste of the ocean, combined with super-sweet sun-dried tomatoes and salty capers in a rich sauce.

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