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  2. A map of Melbourne’s most authentic, gourmet Mexican burritos
A Map of Melbourne’s Most Authentic, Gourmet Mexican Burritos

A map of Melbourne’s most authentic, gourmet Mexican burritos

Whether you're looking for a quick bite, you want to enjoy a sit-down meal at the dinner table, or even just need a pre-wrapped breakfast treat on the go, burritos are here to hook it up.

These stuffed tortilla wraps really are the full package. A fully-loaded quick and tasty meal you can wrap your hands around makes this dish the ultimate food to tend to that growling stomach. A big, fat scrumptious wrap stuffed with Mexican-inspired sauces, spiced meats, and any number of fresh toppings you can think of ensure that every bite will be full of savoury deliciousness. A Mexican wrap loved all over the world, burritos can be found around every corner - and with our map of the finest burritos Melbourne has to offer, you can find the best one near you today!

1. The Everest, Bay City Burritos

Often hailed as importers of the realest Mexican burrito in Melbourne, Bay City Burritos have been serving the healthiest, most authentic of Mexican cuisine since the day they opened. With incredibly fresh ingredients mixed into every meal, this spot is always ready for your order! Offering up an exciting menu full of Mexican favourites like their juicy meaty burritos, scrumptious Mexican starters and genuine drinks from across the Pacific, Bay City Burrito has it all. Check out their vegetarian burrito, The Everest, served in a Roma tomato tortilla jam-packed with red beans, Spanish rice, and perfectly sautéed mushrooms flavoured with garlic, ginger, onions, green peppers and exciting Nepali spices to top it all off!

2. Grilled Chicken Burrito, Fonda

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Consisting of some of Mexico's favourite street-food cooked with passion and a skilled touch, Fonda excels at designing great dishes using high-quality Australian ingredients to whip up every tasty treat. The Grilled Chicken Burrito is a popular order at Fonda: juicy grilled chicken marinated perfectly in a mildly hot pasilla chili to add an extra zing, quinoa, smoked corn, pickled carrots, fresh onions and a savoury chipotle aioli makes up this gourmet burrito treat. Served with crushed tortilla chips, the Grilled Chicken Burrito is a must-try at Fonda's!

3. California Burrito, Hecho En Mexico

A place where the fun never stops, Hecho En Mexico caters to every kind of customer with heavily cheese-based nacho dishes, homemade burritos, and for those with a taste for eye-watering spices, their hot Chilaquiles are guaranteed to leave you in tears. A classic burrito has its rightful place at Hecho En Mexico, and they know just how to accompany it with their signature crunchy Mexi Mexi chips, the fillings of your choice and of course, a much-loved Mexican salsa sauce to go along with it. This is the real deal! Opt for their classic California Burrito or one of their many authentic sides, like their golden fried Taquitos or the best Elote outside of Mexico. This spot is a must-try to those looking to get their hands on some authentic Mexican cooking.

4. Applewood-Smoked Pulled Pork Breakfast Burrito, Le Bon Ton

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Le Bon Ton's applies their famous French style of cooking to burritos to presenting a delicious and exciting twist on this Mexican marvel. Smoked chicken, pork and beef burritos, as well as vegetable burritos are available using some of the best ingredients around, but their real gem is their breakfast burritos. The Applewood Smoked Pulled Pork Breakfast Burrito is a freshly baked white flour tortilla stuffed Berkshire black pork smoked to perfection and topped with pickled jalapenos, a creamy slaw, and quality cheddar cheese with western-style potatoes that are absolutely riveting! Why go for a regular breakfast when you can grab one of these gourmet delights?

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