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Meat And Glory! Four Meals For The Carnivores

Hungry? Four Meat Grills To Tame Those Cravings

Welcome to the carnivore zone. Greek specialities, Lebanese food, American grub– meat is a favourite the whole world over and here at Deliveroo we're no different. In fact, we love it so much we've compiled a list of our Aussie restaurant favourites for you to peruse. These are grilled dishes with flair, with culture and, most importantly, with flavour – from hamburger classics to BBQ platters as big as your head, grab a napkin, take notes and get stuck in. The next time cravings strike, you'll know where to turn to.  

1. The Mixed Grill - Hannibal

It's platter time, baby. Meat is a dish best served huge and the Hannibal restaurant kitchen never fails to disappoint. Their Lebanese mixed grill comes fully loaded and boy is it ready to bowl you over. Beef kafka skewers lie down alongside chicken breast and lamb, with a side order of baba ganouj and classic creamy hummus. This is hands on food, so come prepared. Napkins definitely needed, incisors optimal.  

2. The Royal Wagyu Beef Burger - Two Good Eggs

Oh, mama! This is one gooey meat meltdown. The Royal Wagyu Beef Burger is the pinnacle creation of the carnivore kings down at Two Good Eggs and it truly merits its sovereign claim. Japanese marbled beef rests gently on a throne of bun, with subjects left and right for added flavour: fried onions, oozing cheese, crisp bacon and BBQ aioli to name but a few, each spending their own spiced time on the hot cast iron before being loaded into your belly. This is an all-American grease-meat extravaganza and a fine-tasting one at that. It builds tall, not wide and is all the messier for it. Fantastic.

3. All Lamb - Sammy's

Lean, clean and served with fresh herb dips. A meat showdown doesn't have to be so complicated. Take things a little easier and go with a – not mixed – Lebanese grill. The all lamb plate up from Sammy's will have you chowing charcoal seared pieces like there's no tomorrow, with portions of tabouli and falafel besides. Very yummy. Very good. It doesn't get much meatier than this.  

4. BBQ Plate - Mega Gyros Crown

Midnight feast? Lunchtime feast? A feast for absolutely no reason at all? The Greek grill masters at Mega Gyros Crown are at your service. Their BBQ plate is meat enough for any man or woman – probably several actually. Four souvlaki skewers are run down the middle, one each of pork, chicken, lamb and loukaniko, served alongside an additional two pork cutlets, portions of buyurdi and psomaki and a plate each of chips and green veg salad. This is a whole lot of food and a whole lot of meat. Delish.  

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