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The Five Best Truffle Dishes In Melbourne

Snuffling Out The Best Truffle Dishes In Melbourne

Truffles are becoming ever more mainstream in today's culinary experiences. The flavour from fresh truffles that are snuffled out of the ground by specialised dogs or pigs is really quite intense and the flavour can be a bit much for many people's taste buds when overdone. However, a little truffle butter or a truffle-infused oil can certainly add something special to a meal.

We've rounded up some of the best dishes in Melbourne that feature a little bit of truffle flavour - in one form or another. Though truffles are ingredients that you'd usually picture in Italian cuisine or French cooking, it's amazing how many different cuisines now feature this decadent flavour in different dishes.

1. Truffle mayo on a burger

The Miss Elizabeth is a very refined burger. To begin with, the patty is made from all-Australian pasture-fed beef and is topped with Swiss cheese and a dollop of truffle mayonnaise.

It's available at Royal Stacks, an American restaurant that prides itself on using the finest ingredients to make the best burgers in the city. And, if the truffle mayo on the burger's not going to be enough for you, you can always order an extra portion of truffle mayo on the side.

2. Truffle oil on a pizza

Many pizzerias now offer a drizzling of truffle oil on their gourmet pizzas and the Mushroom pizza from Ca De Vin is just one example. Mushrooms and truffles are natural partners, so, this pizza, which features roasted mushrooms, mozzarella, fior de latte, chilli, and garlic is perfectly finished with a helping of truffle oil.

3. Truffles and gnocchi

At the Etto Pasta Bar, there's an amazing Black Truffle and Salami sauce on the menu that cannot be bypassed. This is a white pasta sauce made with truffle butter, fresh parsley and salami which is then paired with the pasta of your choice. It's a great way to sample the flavour of truffle as it blends deliciously with the salami but its heady flavour is somewhat muted by the creaminess of the sauce and the pasta.

4. Truffle on your fries

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At the A25 Pizzeria, there are a number of dishes on the menu that feature truffle flavours but our favourite pick is the Truffle, Porcini, and Parmesan Fries. The perfectly crisp and golden fries come with a helping of truffle aioli - that's truffle mayo for any non-Italian speakers out there. These fries make for an opulent appetizer to enjoy before you head into your main course.

5. Truffle on an all-day breakfast

If you want a breakfast with a difference, why not try the Koo Koo Ca Choo at ST.ALi. Not only does it have a great name but you'll get a plate of potato hash, poached eggs, mushroom fricassee with gruyere, chlorophyll, and a drizzle of truffle vinaigrette. Fancy!!

However you fancy trying out a dish with truffles, Melbourne's eateries have plenty of options for you. And even better, Deliveroo can bring them to your door – so don't leave your tastebuds wondering about what truffles taste like; try out a new truffle-infused dish today!

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