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  2. Melbourne’s best boozy burgers will take over your next barbecue!
Melbourne’s Boozy Burgers Will Take Over Your Next Barbecue

Melbourne’s best boozy burgers will take over your next barbecue!

On any day off, nothing is more picture-perfect than inviting over some friends, stocking up on drinks, and firing up the grill for some heavenly burgers. So why opt for a standard meal when you could be infusing your patties with your favourite booze?

The question isn't whether you should marinate, it's with what to marinate. Southern burgers with a bourbon twist, Asian-infused teriyaki patties, and so many more await when you transform your barbecue from a boring old grilling session to a culinary adventure with the click of a button! Make your wish come true with some of Melbourne's most helpful drink delivery services.

1. Beefy Beer-Soaked Goodness

Whoever thought of taking the two ultimate weekend favourites – beer and burgers – and merging them into one meal has to be a genius! Combining two legendary ingredients makes for the grilling experience fit for the perfect game night, or a chilled out summer barbecue. Fire up the grill and slap on some big, juicy patties soaked in a can of signature Tallboy from Tallboy and Moose. Add even more savoury tastes by slicing an onion and a throwing in a few spicy peppers and letting the flavours marinate together to make your burger absolutely irresistible!

2. Class It Up with a Cabernet

For a fancier, more luxurious touch to impress your friends, bathe your minced meat patties in Cabernet Sauvignon for some truly gorgeously grilled burgers. Combining red wine and fresh ground beef produces a delicate yet mouth-watering mix of flavours. Once you start grilling your Cabernet burgers you'll find a mesmerizing smokey and slightly sweet aroma perfect on any Sunday afternoon. Order a couple of bottles from Bottle Butler and get to grilling these inventive burgers dripping with delicious boozy goodness!

3. Let Jack Help You Jack It Up

We don't have to say much about whiskey-infused burgers - their popularity pretty much speaks for themselves! Set yourself up with the king of all boozy meats: The Jack Daniels burger! Grab those fat patties and season them with all your favourite spices before soaking each slab of meaty goodness in a generous amount of Jack Daniels whiskey. Do it like the pros and make your own homemade Jack Daniels sauce with a hint of sweetness to pour on your patties for that extra boost of flavour. Don't have Jack readily available? Order it from Cellarbrations and get to grilling right away!

4. Real Southern Bourbon Burgers

Bourbon burgers are nothing new and yet remain fantastically spellbinding in every way! Grab a few onions, peppers, some Louisiana hot sauce and of course, your bourbon of choice, then mix, soak, and grill! Before you know it you have the ultimate Southern-inspired exploding with juices and flavour that'll shock your friends! The Thirsty Camel has your key ingredient on standby and are always waiting for your order, so sit back, relax, and get ready for some Southern delights!

Get the grill going and put your order together for Deliveroo to sort out the rest!

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