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The Finest Red Wine in Melbourne for Your Steak Dinner

The finest red wine in Melbourne for your steak dinner

Wine lovers gather 'round! Whether you're enjoying an American-style BBQ steak or a teriyaki-marinated slab of wagyu, we have the best red wine choices for your tummy to enjoy!

Here are some of the best reds in Melbourne for your perfect steak dinner to top off a long week. Not only do we master the science of matching the perfect wine to your meat of choice, we bring it right to your door, too!

1. Pinot Noir - Lean, Medium Rare Steaks

The lightness of this red wine is an absolute magical pairing for all rare steak lovers! Its acidity also helps you cut through a rare steak's delicate texture as the rule goes: the leaner the meat, the lighter the red wine you'll need. What better way to guarantee yourself a good time than through Blackhearts & Sparrows' incredibly popular Jimmy Pinot Noir?  Specialising only in beer and wine, Blackhearts & Sparrows offers a wide range of options. If you're looking to stock up on fancier red meat indulgences, this is the place for you!

2. Mr Mick Shiraz - Asian Beef Dishes

Spicing your steak with Asian seasoning tonight? Nothing matches those sweet and tangy flavours better than some fruity red wine! We recommend one of McCoppin's boldest high tannin red wines: the South Australian Mr Mick Shiraz. Some even recommend cooking your steak with a splash of their popular Jamsheed Illaj Shiraz for an extra kick that won't disappoint! McCoppin has what it takes to give you just the night you're looking for.

3. Noisy Ritual's Cabernet - Pepper Steak

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If you love that pepper sauce that often accompanies all of the world's greatest steaks, you definitely have to try coupling it with Noisy Ritual's bold and smoky Cabernet. For those who opt for top-quality sirloin cuts, a mildly bolder red wine like Sangiovese will also make your taste buds dance with delight! Noisy Ritual's quality is guaranteed to match any fancy steak evening you have planned, so grab a bottle or two for a lux night in with your partner or friends!

4. Taylors Estate Shiraz - Charred Barbeque Steak

With Bottle Butler's ultimate Taylors Estate Shiraz, your barbecued steak is guaranteed to get a hundred times better! This daring, high tannin red is just about bold enough to match the crisp smokiness of your juicy charred steak. If you're looking for a kick, you don't want to miss their popular sparkling Brown Brothers Prosecco or one of the pre-mixed spirits they have on offer for a wilder night!

Your favourite wines are just one button away and Deliveroo will bring them right to your dinner table!

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