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  2. Forkfuls Of Green - Melbourne's Zingy Weekday Salads
One For Every Day Of The Week - A Melbourne Salad Showdown  

Forkfuls Of Green - Melbourne's Zingy Weekday Salads

Plump, green and mean. Well, not so much mean as full of great flavour. That's a Melbourne salad from Deliveroo. Whether it's Monday lunchtime and you're already in need of a nap, whether it's Wednesday and nutrition is at an all time low - we've got a dish set to serve. From marinated lamb to grains and feta cheese, these salad bowls and mixes are ready and waiting to supercharge your taste buds without breaking the calorie budget. They're full of veggies, they're full of fibre, they're full of real toothsome goodness. So get stuck in! A whole world of clean cuisine awaits.  

1. Monday's Lamb Salad - Perkup Burgers

Hot, spiced and with a healthy dollop of tzatziki: the lamb salad from Perkup Burgers is perfect to a kick off any palate journey into the green. Its combo? Sun-dried tomatoes, olives and leaves, with a meaty grill of the titular fillet that rounds things off to a tee. While not as cool and fresh as some of the others on our list, it certainly comes packed full of its own natural flavours. Wholesome. Delicious. The perfect match for any spice lover in need of a low-cal lunch.    

2. Tuesday's Bean Me Up Bowl - Poked  

Tuesday calls, and it comes with a little less meat. In fact, the bean me up bowl from Poked is entirely vegan. We're talking organic tofu, Hawaiian soy and a whole host of rainbow veggies: broccoli, mushroom, cabbage, shallot, seaweed and wonton crisps. True nutrition if ever there was such a thing. When your body's craving vitamins, when you're in need of a detox, when you want truly guilt-free flavour - it's the bean me up bowl's time to shine.

3. Wednesday's Mexicana Chicken - Bluebag Fresh

Caesar salad, Mexican style. The Bluebag Fresh Mexicana Chicken is a true Latino take on a Roman classic - a continental mix up for our Wednesday entry. Free-range chicken meets parmesan, tortilla chips and mex-style Caesar dressing in a crunchy showdown of taste and flavour. Big yum.

4. Thursday's Hot Chick - Nosh

Another day, another salad, this time with a base of fresh, brown rice. The hot chick plate up from Nosh changes things up a bit - hot chicken, layered with only the best topping combos. Roasted sweet potato comes peppered in sesame, spinach in a drench of garlic-lime sauce and charred capsicum to give you a fresh veg taste in this lavish Thursday lunch.  

5. Friday's Sweet Potato, Grains and Feta Salad - Spudbar

Where would salads be without the graceful presence of feta cheese? A weekday rundown simply wouldn't be the same. Thankfully, our last but not least entry has got things covered: the kitchen conquerors at Spudbar present to you the Sweet Potato, Grains and Feta Salad - it's even got feta in the name! This is a fresh, fibrous plate, with a balance of sweet, creamy and soft ingredients. The perfect round way to off to an already scrumptious countdown.

Mid-week crisis? In need of a leaf-green explosion? Order salads of your choice direct to your door with Deliveroo.

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