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  2. Melbourne: The Vegetarian Capital of Australia
Melbourne: The Vegetarian Capital Of Australia

Melbourne: The Vegetarian Capital of Australia

Melbourne vegetarians and vegans never have to go hungry. They're not an afterthought; and their plates are filled high with delicious, tasty treats across a range of cuisines. Ethics are big on the menu across Australia these days, with big names like Groove Train speaking up for the welfare of their animals. Vegetarian food takes things that one step further – this is ethical food done the way it should be; full of flavour, and full of variety.

1. Lord Of The Fries

Look, vegans have messy nights just like the rest of us. Sometimes all you want after a few drinks is a takeaway, and Lord Of The Fries offers you the same opportunities as your meat-eating friends to enjoy a bit of a feast. Everything is plant-based, from the nuggets through to the fries and the milkshakes and burgers. It may lack in dairy and in meat, but it more than makes up for this in ethics and in taste!

2. Guzman Y Gomez

Feeling hot? Mexican food makes sure there's a "fiesta" in everyone's mouth, even those who are vegetarian. At Guzman y Gomez, burritos, burrito bowls, fajitas and tacos all come complete with delicious veggie flavours, and plenty of spices if you like them, too. You won't be missing the meat, as there's enough black beans, rice, salsa, cheese and guac to go around!

3. Supernormal Canteen

St Kilda is always on the ball and uber trendy, and when it comes to vegetarian food, there's no exception. This Asian Fusion restaurant has plenty of non-meat options on the menu, which are all equally delicious. Our faves at Supernormal Canteen are the vegetable dumplings with shiso vinegar. They're mini-explosions of goodness in your mouth with each and every bite. There's plenty more as well, meaning you'll be spoiled for choice.

4. Vapiano

There's a real emphasis on freshness these days, and that's great because at Vapiano, each and every dish is made in front of you, in the restaurant. When you order takeaway, you can rest assured that it's all made from scratch, too, as they don't have anything already made up and just stored away. Pasta is amazing here, and vegetarians aren't left out for a second. You should try the Ravioli Pumpkin; the parcels are complemented by parmesan, sage and parsley, and the concoction is utterly delicious.

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5. Huong Viet, Vegetarian & Vegan

Feast your eyes on literally everything on this menu in Footscray. Literally everyone can enjoy mountains of food, with something for even the fussiest eaters (and those who reckon they can't go without meat). Vegan spring rolls, vegan sweet and sour "pork chops", and deep-fried vegan "chicken nuggets" all help add to a menu that wouldn't look out of place anywhere. There's spice, there's flavour, and there's a little bit of everything – you will absolutely fall in love. Their fake meats are the absolute stars of the show.

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