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Melbourne’s Wildest and Wackiest Pizza Toppings!

Melbourne’s wildest and wackiest pizza toppings

It's safe to say that there's a pizza out there for everyone! Whether you're working hard in the office, at home with family or hanging out with friends, pizza is never a bad idea. All types of pizza, from traditional Italian to American favourites, are just around the corner with unique twists of wildly exhilarating toppings. This endless variety makes ordering pizza even more enjoyable for the whole family, and our guide to Melbourne's quirkiest pizzas will help you pick!

1. Mary Had a Little Lamb! Pizza, Lazerpig Pizza Parlour

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Nothing but fun, fresh, and authentic tastes brought to you straight from Italy served at Lazerpig Pizza Parlour, providing deliciously hot and electrifying sourdough recipes for the masses. Using only the finest ingredients piled high to create your ultimate combinations, the Mary Had a Little Lamb! is one of their most popular pizzas offered - it's doused with a garlic base, savoury slow cooked lamb, Fior di Latte, bubbling soft cheese and topped with a garnish of red onion, lemon and crumbled feta. And that's only one of their impeccable variations.

2. Funghi Pizza, Grosvenor Hotel

Wood-fired pizzas are a specialty at Grosvenor Hotel. Served piping hot straight off the flames, the chefs here make sure every slice of these authentic and first-rate Italian pizzas is perfection. For a real treat, check out the Funghi pizza, an exceptional wood oven-baked masterpiece that starts with a toasty base and a heaping pile of fresh mozzarella, and topped with hearty king brown and enoki mushrooms and a sprinkle of natural goat's cheese. These incredible exotic mushrooms are combined to create a heavenly mix of flavours. Pair your favourite choice of pizza with one of Grosvenor Hotel's wonderful selection of craft beer or wine for a well-rounded meal.

3. Thai Satay Chicken Pizza, La Roche

Bringing a twist to traditional Italian dishes, La Roche serves fantastic and homemade pizzas with a variety of cultural influences. One such notable twist is none other than the Thai Satay Chicken pizza, a guaranteed show-stopper. Succulent satay marinated chicken topped with a zesty yogurt and coriander garnish are generously spread with cheese over a unique satay base. Packed with flavour, the Thai pizza is a fun and appetizing house favourite at La Roche. Be sure to check out their colourful selection of unique pizzas and find your perfect choice if this one doesn't quite cut it for you.

4. Peking Duck Pizza, Crust

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Crust take pride and joy in their riveting homemade pizzas with thick, tasty crusts on every pie. When it comes to a worldly influence, Crust takes on the challenge with unique toppings featured in their Moroccan Lamb and Truffle Beef Rossini cooked to perfection and guaranteeing you'll yearn for more! However, the spotlight must fall on the Peking Duck pizza prepared with succulent marinated duck breast and sweet shallots generously topped over a delicious tomato and Hoisin base. Dressed with an orange glaze and garnished with chilli and sesame seeds, this pizza proudly sits among the champion recipes at Crust. Refreshing sides such as their coriander coleslaw make for a cooling addition to that chilli packed sensation. Be sure to check out their pizzas from around the world and make your way through these unique and exciting meals one slice at a time.

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