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  2. Get extravagant: Melbourne’s 5 most expensive dishes on Deliveroo
Melbourne’s Most Expensive Dishes on Deliveroo

Get extravagant: Melbourne’s 5 most expensive dishes on Deliveroo

Pay day, dinner party, or just fancy something decadent after a long week at work? Sometimes, you've got a real excuse to all-out treat yourself.

For these times, we've rounded up some of the finest food you can get delivered to you in Melbourne, counting down from the I'm-fabulous-and-I-know-it to the unashamedly extravagant.

5. Sher Wagyu Rib Eye 1kg – 450 Day Grain Fed, Dutchess - $110

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Nothing compares to a tender steak. Dutchess's mightiest cut of meat comes from Ballan, Victoria where the Sher family raise premium Wagyu cattle. They're fed grain for 450 days, before being transformed into luxury cuts of steak. While the rump is also available, the rib eye steak is sure to hit that sweet spot – though you might have to share it with a friend, seeing as it weighs in at 1kg and $110.

Where: Dutchess, Melbourne CBD

4. Caviar 'Traditionnel', 20g Yasa Osietra, Entrecôte - $144.90

When you think of fancy haute cuisine, what do you imagine? Yep – it's gotta be French. French food makes it onto our list of most expensive Melbourne dishes via Entrecôte, who offer a traditional version of the caviar tasting experience. For $144.90, you get blinis, crème fraiche, shallots, baby capers and sieved egg – as well as that all-important pot of Yasa sturgeon caviar.

Where: Entrecôte, locations in Melbourne CBD and South Yarra

3. 36 Full Sizes, Runaway Cupcakes - $145

Not everything expensive has to be serious and savoury. Runaway Cupcakes can serve up sweet treats by the dozen, which is perfect for special occasions or even the office Christmas party. Get a box of 36 full-size cupcakes to access the most cake possible, with flavours ranging from matcha green tea and raspberry white chocolate to devil's food-cake Nutella and salted caramel. For $145, this works out at just over $4 per soft and fluffy cupcake. How could you resist?

Where: Runaway Cupcakes, Toorak

2. Hibachi Premium Banquet. Hibachi Japanese Grill - $179.60

Traditional Japanese cuisine is the stuff of legends. Finely sliced fish – prepared by chefs with years of training – has an undeniable appeal and mystique. When you really want to impress, go for Hibachi's Premium Banquet. It's a collection of catch of the day sashimi, mixed fresh tempura, miso, steamed rice, dessert, and a couple of special extras. You'll also find Patagonian Toothfish simmered in an aromatic soy broth, and – finally – a Wagyu sirloin steak cooked to order. For $179.60, you and a pal can dine like royalty.

Where: Hibachi Japanese Grill, Melbourne CBD

1. Deluxe Seafood Platter, Richmond Oysters - $350

Caviar and sushi were higher up the list, so you might be sensing a pattern here. What's the only seafood more luxurious and exclusive than those? Easy – oysters. Richmond Oysters specialise in more than just their namesake though, and their Deluxe Platter is a celebration of all things oceanic. Oysters, sashimi, calamari, soft shell crab and smoked trout rillettes all vie for the spotlight. But the whole lobster mornay takes centre stage here. And for $350, this seafood spectacular could be yours to appreciate and devour.

Where: Richmond Oysters, Richmond


Whether you want seafood, steak or a mountain of cupcakes, all your favourite restaurants can come to your door. Simply place your order through Deliveroo.

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