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  2. 4 mellow Melbourne curries, perfect if you don’t like it really hot!
4 Mellow Melbourne Curries, Perfect if You Don’t Like it Really Hot!

4 mellow Melbourne curries, perfect if you don’t like it really hot!

If you're a curry novice, you may have been put off the idea of trying curry because you think it's going to be too hot and spicy. While there may be plenty of people out there who enjoy the challenge of eating something that's so spicy it makes your tongue feel numb, but for others, that seems to make a meal more of an endurance test rather than a pleasure.

With that in mind, we've taken a look at all the different curry dishes there are available in Melbourne and listed our favourite choices for curries that will score highly in flavour but won't have you reaching for the tissues to mop your brow while you eat!

1. Thai Massaman

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The Thai Massaman curry is a perfect example of a dish that's packed with a whole range of flavours but won't necessarily leave you with streaming eyes and a runny nose! It's a dish that originated in the south of Thailand and is usually associated with Muslim cooking. It can be made with any meat, but chicken is the usual choice.

Spices in the Massaman include star anise, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. These are combined with chilli peppers, lemongrass, coriander, pepper, galangal and shrimp paste. The curry paste is mixed with coconut milk before the meat and vegetables are added to the pot.

The Massaman curry with rice at 1000 Wat is certainly a great one to start with if you're interested in broadening your experiences of different curry dishes.

2. Indian Korma

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Chicken korma is probably one of the best-known curries out there, and it's generally pretty mild. So much so, in fact, that it's even featured on school dinner menus. That's not to say that the heat can't be turned up in a korma, but restaurants generally keep the spice level low as they know that's what customers expect.

Korma means "cooked meat" and the basic korma includes yoghurt or cream, stock and spices to produce a thick and wet curry sauce. At Le Taj, there's a Lamb Korma. Slow-cooked lamb that's been simmered in cream and different spices for a long time, so that each taste melts in the mouth and is infused with huge amounts of flavour.

3. Keralan Ishtu

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A feature of lots of Keralan Indian cooking is the use of coconut milk, which can often lead to dishes having a sweet and mild flavour. The Ishtu is a stew dish cooked in Keralan style, with coconut and curry leaves, along with a mix of different spices. Often made as a vegetarian dish, it can also feature meat or seafood such as prawns.

Try the Keralan Vegetable Istoo at Bhang in Brunswick. As well as being mild in terms of spice, it's also suitable for anyone is on a gluten-free diet.

4. Butter Chicken

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The very name of this popular curry dish suggests that it's not going to be one that blows your inner temperature gauge! Butter chicken is always a popular choice on any Indian menu. Its Indian name is Murgh Makhani and the dish is made of tandoori chicken which is cooked in a tomato and cream sauce. The chicken is marinated in a mix of yoghurt, cream and spices such as garam masala, lime, pepper, ginger and garlic and cooked in a clay tandoor. Once the tandoori chicken is cooked, it's heated in a mild curry sauce before it's served.

At Singh's Gourmet Indian Food in East Brunswick, the Chicken Makhani is one of the most regularly-ordered curries.

So now that you know which curries to choose when you're looking for mild spice and lots of flavour, what are you waiting for? Order now with Deliveroo.

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