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  2. As a mocktail or a marinade, mojito brings you a taste of Cuba 
Mojito on ice or as a marinade – there’s no limit to its uses!

As a mocktail or a marinade, mojito brings you a taste of Cuba 

When you need an ice-cold thirst quencher at the end of a busy day, nothing quite hits the spot like a mojito. Traditionally, this Cuban highball cocktail is made with white rum, sugar cane, lime juice, soda water and mint. It's sweet but refreshing at the same time. And, as with many classic drinks today, there are lots of twists on this classic cocktail. Sometimes it's even an ingredient in food dishes - in Mexican and Cuban cooking, there are mojito-flavoured salsas and marinades. So today we're showcasing a few of our favourites that can be enjoyed around the country.

1. A fish dish with a mojito twist

At Los Latinos in Melbourne, the tangy citrus flavour of mojito is added to their house salsa and is an integral part of their Baby Snapper dish. The snapper is marinated in the mojito salsa, then cooked and served with onions and jalapenos, rice, salad and tortillas on the side. The mojito salsa complements the snapper perfectly, making this a Mexican fish dish to remember.

2. Take your pick of mojito mocktails

Who says you need the rum to make a mojito a delicious and satisfyingly cool drink? At Oko Oko, there are a number of mojito mocktail flavours to choose from. Go for an original Mojito, or ring the changes with a Passionfruit or Orange version. It's great option if you want to skip dessert but still have something sweet, and stay healthy.

3. Cuban ceviche with a mojito backdrop

Another mojito-inspired fish dish is the Mojito Ceviche at The Cuban Place in Sydney. Part of the para empezar ("to begin with") menu, this dish features hiramasa kingfish cured in lime juice, rum and salt, along with sugar, shallots, chilli and mint. A zingy and citrus-y plate to share with a few other small plate options when dining with friends.

4. A milkshake inspired by a writer

The Mug Life Cafe has plenty of interestingly named milkshakes on its menu. With flavours as varied as Wu Tang Meringue to Pop it Like its Hot, there's something new to try every time. And if you like mojitos, then it just wouldn't be right not to try the mojito-flavoured Ernest Hemingway!

5. The healthiest mojito drink

At the Nutrition Station, it's all about health and nutrition - so not somewhere you'd expect to find mojitos on the menu. But this Mojito is an on-trend juice, and it's a fresh blend of green apple, pear, lemon and mint. This could be a refreshing way to start the day or perhaps a great mid-afternoon pick-me-up? 

However you like to get your refreshing mojito fix, we can bring a taste of Cuba to you whenever you want it. Order now with Deliveroo.

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