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  2. From osso buco to saltimbocca, Italian food isn't just about the carbs
 Whether It's Osso Buco or Chicken, Italian Meats Are Great

From osso buco to saltimbocca, Italian food isn't just about the carbs

When we opt for Italian cuisine, we often forget there's so much more to it than just carbs. Sure, pizza and pasta is what it's known for from the outset, but dig just a little and you'll discover so many more exciting things of the more meaty variety, like osso buco or perhaps saltimbocca. Pasta dishes will always have their place, but we think it's about time we push the boat out just a little. In case you can't sail all the way to the Med, we've picked out some of the best meaty-liscious Italian dishes to try right here in Australia. Have one or have them all.

1. Osso Buco

They love osso buco in Italy, traditionally made from veal shanks that are braised with veggies, white wine and a delicious broth. There are flavours from each separate element and, what's more, the meat is super tender. At Dilizioso on Oxford on Brisbane's Oxford Street, they dish up Guancia di Manzo, a dish firmly rooted in the traditional osso buco. It features the very best braised beef cheek soaked in the rich broth, served on a bed of mash potatoes. It's really, really good. Seriously.

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2. Veal Saltimbocca

However you feel about veal, you can't deny that it's delicious. The Italians are no stranger to Veal Saltimbocca - it's a classic, consisting of veal sauteed with prosciutto and sage. It's got a buttery and lemon finish to it, which may well be the best bit. At Criniti's in Sydney, you'll enjoy the dish as authentic as it gets. They pan sear the meat and let it settle in the white wine, garlic, lemon and of course the herbs and butter that form the sauce. This is one order you won't regret. 

3. Chicken Milanese

There isn't a culture around the world that doesn't love chicken and the Italians are no exception to the rule. And with that comes plenty of delightful chicken dishes, such as Chicken Marsala, Chicken Piccata and, of course, Chicken Milanese. That might be our favourite one of the lot, because it's a little bit different. The chicken is soft and tender on the inside, yet completely crispy on the out. At Adelaide's Nonna and I the Chicken Milanese comes crusted in seasoned bread crumbs, topped with parmagiano and fresh lemon. It's a wonder of the chicken-dish world!

4. Chicken Boscaiola

We know, we said we liked Chicken Milanese best - but Chicken Boscaiola is a top contender for first place. Although traditionally made as a pasta sauce, you can have the sauce with a chicken fillet instead. Papa Roma Bondi serves it up the way we appreciate most - marinated alongside mushrooms, onions, bacon, cream and wine. There's so much going on with it that we can hardly decide the most important bit - plus it's served with veggies on the side.

This list sure is meaty so there's plenty to sink your teeth into. Order all of the dishes now from Deliveroo!

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