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Dish Of The Day: Pasta Arrabbiata

Dish of the day: pasta arrabbiata

Time to get back to basics. Arrabbiata is a favourite in every Italian household – it's a spicy sauce of tomato, fresh red chilies, garlic,herbs and olive oil, served with pasta. Like the best Italian dishes, it's beautifully simple but packed with flavour.

Pasta arrabbiata is also popular on Italian restaurant menus. Some choose to serve it straight up traditional, like Friggitoria, but others put their own stamp on it, like Jamie's Italian and Sauced Pasta Bar.

From Rome, with anger


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The hint to arrabbiata's spicy nature is right in its name – the word arrabbiata means 'angry', and that's thanks to the fiery chillies. It's an age-old recipe from Rome, and usually made with shorter pasta types like penne, fusilli or rigatoni.

There are only a few ingredients in the original version: chopped tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and fresh chillies to taste. The sauce must be thick, the pasta al dente and sometimes with pecorino cheese and parsley as garnishes.

Friggatoria hasn't seen any reason to improve on tradition, with their classic vegetarian arrabbiata sauce staying simple – sweet cherry tomatoes, fresh chilli, vibrant parsley and chopped garlic. It's one of the many sauces you can choose under their Design Your Own Pasta section. We recommend pairing your custom-designed pasta with Pizza Garlic Bread and a few bottles of San Pellegrino to help your tongue recover between bites.

Jamie's fiery twist


In Jamie's Italian's six Australian restaurants, Rigatoni Arrabbiata is always popular, thanks to Jamie's personal interpretation. Not content with using only garden-variety chillies, his arrabbiata sauce includes the flaming Caribbean Scotch bonnet pepper, along with extra virgin olive oil, plump tomatoes and strong garlic. It's garnished with chopped basil and vegetarian-friendly pecorino cheese.

Pair your zesty pasta dish with Jamie's Ultimate Garlic Bread. Warm artisan buttermilk buns, herby garlic butter, vegetarian pecorino and rosemary will help cool your mouth down after meeting the heat.

Toning things down 

A bit lower on the Scoville scale, Sauced Pasta Bar's offering is still plenty spicy, but made extra luxurious with a little bit of cream stirred in. Their Creamy Arrabbiata is gluten-free, and adds in spicy salami and salty Kalamata olives for their own take on the classic.

Sweeten things up afterward by ordering the delectably named Bomboloni for dessert – homemade Belgian chocolate-centered donuts, served with vanilla bean ice cream. Any lingering tingling on your tongue will soon be soothed.

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