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  2. Got that morning hunger? Order in one of Perth's best breakfasts
Perth's Best Breakfasts Will Have You Salivating

Got that morning hunger? Order in one of Perth's best breakfasts

Whether you're nursing a headache after a heavy one or you're simply hankering for something substantial in the AM, a sizeable restaurant-quality breakfast is always the way to go.

Melbourne can keep their hipster brunches and we're swerving Sydney's light bites - sometimes you need something a little more substantial. In days gone by you would have to rouse yourself out of bed and crawl to the nearest eatery, but that's just not the case anymore - Deliveroo is here offering to hand-deliver some of the very best breakfasts in Perth.

1. The Big Breakfast

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Admittedly a little unimaginatively named, The Coffee Club's legendary Big Breakfast is a dish heaven-sent to reduce your morning rumblings. It's got all the ingredients of a standard big breakfast, with pork and sage snags providing the highlight along with a brace of eggs cooked to your preference, hash browns, mushroom, beans, bacon, toasted ciabatta and tomato. Their revered coffee selection is one to savour and a nice strong Macchiato acts as the perfect Big Breakfast sidekick every single time.

2. Degani Brekkie Burger

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An improvement on the classic bacon sandwich - surely it can't be done? The fine folk at Degani Kings Square have done just that with their very own Brekkie Burger, which offers a handsome helping of bacon and two fried eggs with cheese and lashings of tommy sauce in a sumptuous brioche bun. Whether washing it down with some OJ or a hot tea, this twist on a simple classic is the ultimate morning kick-starter.

3. 300 Angus Sirloin Steak

The world has an awful lot to thank the Americans for, not least the beauty of steak and eggs for breakfast. If you've got a thick head and an injection of protein is what you're after, you'll do well to find a better alternative to Breve Cafe & Bar's 300 Angus Sirloin Steak, which comes grilled with two fried eggs, grilled onions and a helping of hash browns. Tucking into this bad boy in bed is the stuff of dreams.

4. Boomerang

A pleasant gastropub based in the east of the city, Wharf On The Point serves up a bevvy of big breakfast options fit for a king. Their Port O Call big breaky is a favourite and comes with all the usual suspects, but for something a little bit different, their Boomerang jumbo croissant comes packed to breaking point with scrambled egg, chorizo capsicum and hash browns.

5. The Hombre

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Another bosting breakfast with a dash of individuality is The Hombre at Tarts Cafe, which consists of guacamole, grilled tomato, rocket, poached eggs and their very own chipotle sauce, all lovingly served on ciabatta toast with incredible results. Designed for the slightly more health-conscious big breakfast consumer, The Hombre is all the fun without the guilt.

If you were hungry at the start of this article, then you'll be halfway starving now. Do yourself a favour and grab one of the city's best brekkies, all courtesy of the kind folk over at Deliveroo.

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