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  2. Here is the Cheapest (and Most Delicious) Chinese Food in Perth
Here is the cheapest and most delicious Chinese Food in Perth

Here is the Cheapest (and Most Delicious) Chinese Food in Perth

Chinese food is always a treat, but it doesn't have to be an expensive one. Perth has a wide selection of Chinese restaurants dotted around the city, and many Asian Fusion restaurants that include classic Chinese dishes on their menus too.

Today, we feature some of the best restaurants the city has to offer when you're looking to combine great taste with good value.

1. China Court

At China Court on Canning Highway in South Perth, you can find a huge selection of noodles, rice, stir fry and classic Chinese dishes.

Popular dishes on the menu include mains such as Pork Spare Ribs in Peking Style sauce and chicken dishes such as Steam Chicken - half a chicken cooked in light soy with chilli, ginger and shallots. There's a great vegetarian selection including dishes such as Season Chinese Vegetable with Oyster Sauce, and Chilli and Salt Bean Curd.

The best value dishes include Fried Rice and Special Fried Rice as well as Seafood Porridge and Beef Porridge.

2. CHI

CHI Restaurant on Albany Highway has all the dishes you'd expect from a Chinese restaurant, and many more besides. For those on a budget, the all-in-one dishes such as Chilli Pepper Pork with Rice, or Peking Ribs with Rice. Also good value are the Sizzling Meals with Rice - pick from Mixed Vegetables, Chicken, Seafood or the Combination.

If you can take the heat, then Hotpots are for you. At Chi, there are several Hotpots to choose from including Chicken with Chinese Sausages, Rice Wine & Spring Onions Hotpot and Roasted Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetable Hotpot. Just be prepared for the heat rush you'll feel at the end of your meal - Hotpot is not for those who don't like a bit of spice!

3. Pachi Pachi

At Pachi Pachi on Albany Highway, you'll find a menu that includes Japanese, Chinese and Asian Fusion dishes. The Buddha's Garden is a great combination of tofu, bamboo shoots, baby corn, wood ear mushroom, cashew nuts and seasonal vegetables. Make it a Naughty Buddha and they'll add in some chicken pieces. And if you can't resist having chips with your order, even though you're eating Chinese, then try the Salted Crispy Golden Eggplant Chips that come with a homemade sambal dip.

Pachi Pachi even serves breakfast dishes - check out the Salted egg congee with Cha Shu shredded chicken and Chinese churro available for breakfast and brunch.

4. The Fat Dragon

The Fat Dragon in Mount Lawley has some fabulous soups on offer, including Sichuan Hot & Sour Soup - ideal for those days when you want to blast out the cobwebby feeling a cold can leave you with. There's also a Wonton Short Soup with chicken and prawn dumplings. Anyone who's ever tried Chinese dumplings knows that they make an ideal comfort food if you're having a tough day at the office.

As for mains, check out Fat D's Kung Pow Chicken that has a sweet and sour vibe, while the Manchu Chicken crispy chicken bites come with a tangy plum vinaigrette and zucchini.

Of course, these are just a few of Perth's finest Chinese cuisine providers - but they have the added advantage of being on Deliveroo, so you won't even need to leave home to enjoy them.

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