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Perth's Most Formidable Hangover Cures Are a Godsend

Feeling foul? Try one of these tried and tested hangover cures in Perth

Australians are no stranger to the perils of a honking hangover. The summer is here and whether it's a beer or a Chardonnay, the cold ones keep on calling - you need a foolproof hangover cure that single-handedly picks you up and dusts you down to take on the day ahead.

Nobody wants to have to brave the heat when you're feeling foul, and whether you're a classic breakfast fiend or a coffee connoisseur, you'll know what pulls you round. Check out our tips for the finest hangover cures available for delivery to your door in our fine city.

1. Eggs With Bacon Steak

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Delicately stacked on a bed of your choice of lightly toasted sourdough or rye bread, Satchmo Cafe's famous range of hangover cures is bordering on legendary and their handsomely-portioned Eggs With Bacon Steak is right up there as one of the best on the menu.

If bacon ain't your thing and you're on the hunt for something a little lighter, the dish can be served with salmon along with the pleasant combination of dukkah and tomato relish. Wash down with one of their Watermelon, Strawberry and Apple smoothies, sit and enjoy feeling human again.

2. Steak Panini

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Oh yes. Served as the star player of the Tarts Cafe breakfast menu, the Steak Panini provides hungover Perth folk with a vital injection of both carbohydrates and protein in order to shake off those terrible, terrible feels.

The scotch fillet steak comes grilled to your liking and is delivered in a toasted Turkish bun, smeared with pesto, mayonnaise, tomato greens and caramelised onion. It doesn't stop there, of course. The Tarts BLT is a thing of wonder, the Breakfast Quesadilla a thing of vegetarian beauty. In terms of shifting the remanence of last night, they'll all do the trick.

3. Salted Caramel & Banana Pancakes

No one hungover Aussie is the same. Where meat and carbs are the order of the day for one Sandgroper, it's the opposite for another, who may prefer something easier to digest that offers a sharp injection of blood sugar.

If it's the latter you're looking for, then look no further than the sugary goodness provided by The Coffee Club's Salted Caramel & Banana Pancakes, a hearty stack of three fluffy pancakes served with cinnamon ricotta, a roasted banana, salted caramel sauce and toasted macadamia nuts. Doused with syrup, it's a little plate of hangover heaven.

4. Barista Bros Double Espresso

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The sweet smell of coffee the morning after a heavy one is one that can lift the spirit of any Aussie despairing in the depths of a rough morning. A burst of sugar-loaded caffeine can really do the business and turn your day around.

For the strongest-possible caffeine hit, Coast Cafe offers a Double Espresso shot brought to you by Barista Bros, served in a 500ml cup and loaded with much-needed energy. See also their Introjuice Superfood smoothie and their assortment of freshly-squeezed fruit juices.

5. The BIG Fully Cooked Breakfast

The one you've been waiting for because sometimes a normal fry-up just isn't enough. We're talking sausages, we're talking double bacon, we're talking double egg. Throw in some tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns and a double portion of toast and you've hit hangover heaven.

And where can you uncover this little pot of gold? Cafe 935 in Victoria Park provides a plethora of fabulous fry-up options, with the "BIG fully" atop the list.

Nobody got time for leaving the house hungover. Do yourself a favour and order one of these fine dishes and more, delivered directly to your door by the fine folk at Deliveroo.

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